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Of course it is. This is how the Left operates.

Liberals wallow in the same censorship they've always screamed against.

They are the biggest hypocrites on the planet, and have the power of the liberal biased media to hide their constant double standards.

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This is how the Left operates.

Oooooooh what a total shocker. More hate-filled, toxic partisan rhetoric from our resident Biblical fascist.

Must attack liberals. Must attack liberals. Liberals must die. Die die die.


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Is this religious discrimination?

I certainly hope so.

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Let's ignore that google also demonetizes and restricts videos that have to do with the LGBT community. If restricting videos on the 10 commandments that make controversial statements suggesting that regimes have committed mass murder in the name of atheism is considered religious discrimination, let us point out the restriction of LGBT videos and videos that talk about it as discrimination on the bases of sexual orientation.

Anyone decrying discrimination when it happens to a particular religious group but accepting it when it happens to the LGBT population is a hypocrite.

I don't think its discrimination either way. I think it is YouTube being cautious and hyper-sensitive to contentious topics.

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