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Ok so if your in a relationship with either and actor or actress do you think it is understanable to say they are cheating if they kiss another in an acting role. Those who act argue that it isnt them as it is a role however others say it is still them because it is still their pysical body so which do all of you think is right and is there any suggestions on how to tolerate such a thing when dating 

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This situation could be easily resolved by going backwards a few decades when sexual contact in the movies was simply not seen and as the kiss etc etc was about to begin the participants would lower themselves out of view as the picture simply blurred and faded away to leave what was about to happen to the viewers imagination.

Gratuitous or explicit sex was simply not a part of the visual plot.

How times have changed.

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I fully agree I mean I'm aware that in some cases it is necessary but in films these days it seems they feel they must have some sort of sexual interaction or emotional display