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amy or sally


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There ought to be a third option where you put both of those answers together and come up with Salami or something ;)

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SALLY!!!SALLY!!!SALYY!!!SALLY!!!! YAY SALLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Side: sally
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I pick sally. No doubt. Sally are you hot? haha jk and I love jews guy, you rock!

Side: sally
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I pick Sally from Nightmare before Christmas!! Fo Sho!! ^_^

Side: sally

I picked Sally Bc in the comics Sally is Sonic`s wife and thay have children Manic and Sonia Jr.Im a Big Sonic fan!!!!

Side: sally

If this is a debate about our naming preferences, I'll chose Amy. However, I always have liked the name "Laura".

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Who has bigger tits?

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Side: amy

UM... Are you asking about which sings the theme better in nightmare before christmas? Amy lee

Side: amy