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which is better?


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I'm picking the elephant because no one else is. haha. If I had any other choice, Pandas win any animal debate. Followed by the snow leopard. I Have a think for black and white creatures, which makes you think I should pick the zebra, but I've never been fond of horses or horse looking creatures, so....ya. Plus, elephants make me laugh when they poop. EVERY time. Plus, have you not seen Dumbo? Way cute. Oh, and they could probably kick a zebra's ass just by sitting on them. :-)

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check out the female arctic fox.

adorable and goregeous.

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I like the elephant because of his flappy ears and I always liked "Dumbo."

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Zeebras have more fashion sense. Duh!

And that mohawk...its to die for! x)

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simoriah(201) Disputed
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yeah, but you get to ride on elephants, so they are better.

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Cottonball(256) Disputed
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You can ride a zeebra too.

Like many other animals, they can be tamed.

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Pineapple(1448) Disputed
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I've ridden a Zebra. I grew up in the country where we had horses, and my neighbors had cows. But the wife was psycho and bought some Zebras and had them flown in.

I don't think you're supposed to ride them, but Ii was little so it was okay.

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I picked zebras because overall I think they are tastier than elephants. ;)

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lol, probably.

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They are like horses and they are stripy.

Elephants are still cool but they can kill you easyer!

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