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antisemitic Item. A video has surfaced of an interview Jeremy Corbyn gave in August 2012 on the Iranian propaganda channel Press TV. Asked for his thoughts on the attack that month by Islamic jihadists on an Egyptian army base in Sinai, in which 16 Egyptian soldiers were killed, Corbyn said that Israel would have an interest in increased violence in the Sinai and the destabilisation of the region. Asked whether Muslims would have carried out the attack, he replied: “It seems a bit unlikely that that would happen during Ramadan – to put it mildly – and I suspect the hand of Israel in this whole process of destabilisation.” The “hand of Israel”, eh. More anti-Jewish conspiracy theory, accusing Jews entirely falsely and in contravention of evidence and reason of conspiring to harm others. Last week, BBC radio broadcast a five-part serialisation of a book entitled “Where the Line is Drawn” by Raja Shehadeh. You can read about it here on the excellent BBC Watch website. Suffice to say it was five episodes of noxious bilge and bile about Israel. The serialisation drove Rod Liddle – a former editor of BBC Radio’s Today programme – to observe in fury in the Sunday Times that the BBC will never balance such stuff by providing the other side of the argument. Liddle wrote: “The BBC and Radio 4 in particular are in the grip of what the American author Tom Wolfe called radical chic attitudinising. In other words, they are naive middle-class liberals who believe the Palestinian cause is unequivocally just and there is no real argument about that. Which is why, when Hamas rains 200 rockets and mortars down upon Israel, you hear nothing on the BBC. You hear about it only when Israel responds. “The question is, then: are Radio 4 and the BBC anti-semitic? When does a fashionable stupidity teeter into racial hatred? An important question, especially for those of you who think anti-semitism is a preserve of the neo-Nazi far right, elements of the Islamic world and, of course, the Labour Party.” The BBC’s unchallenged demonisation of Israel, its depiction of Israel as the initiator of violence rather than (as always) seeking to defend itself against it, as the region’s principal violator of human rights and democracy rather than being in fact their sole defender, as the cavalier killers of civilians rather than in fact maintaining such a low civilian hit-rate in military action that no other country in the world comes close, and beyond all obscenity as wanton child-killers rather than going to such lengths to protect Arab children that again no other country would match – and under the onslaught to boot of sustained, psychotic, exterminatory attack that no other country in the world has to endure; all this makes the BBC absolutely complicit in inciting the population of Britain and indeed the world to hate, to demonise and to attack not just Israel but Jews too.


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Honestly, it appears to me totally reactionary to condemn the current - pathetic - labor party leader of England. England has just a long arrogant history of disdain for other peoples and nations. I therefore prefer to condemn as a worthless sack of shit, the coward Prime Minister of England in 1938 who divided the Czech State into 2 States for "Peace in our Time". This evil sack of shit government then passed the White Paper in 1939 which condemned all of European Jewry to brutal murder and genocide as to prevent Jews to live in Palestine.

The post war British governments equally have no shame. They pretend that Arabs all supported the Balfour Declaration and just loved the idea of referring to themselves as palestinians!

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