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cake cupcakes or minicupcakes
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cake VS cupcakes VS minicupcakes?


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cupcakes or minicupcakes

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Cakes have better designs, they taste better, there is more cake then in cup cakes, etc.

CAKE CAKE CAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Minicupcakes are like "fun" sized candy bars.... they're simply a smaller version of the original. What fun about that?

(finally, some debates I can get serious about.)

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Down votes courtesy of PresChaffy and crew. :D

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Chaffy.... you better drag out some other fake accounts... you're running out of DVs. ;)

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I would do mini cupcakes because some cupcakes can be huge. So yeah mini cupcakes

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Cakes are too much, and smaller cakes, in my opinion taste nicer.

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