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cern truth - worth the risk?

I am a science enthusiast and was intrigued to learn of the large hadron collider at cern, i am in awe of nature and how it all works. I have heard and read of scientists playing down any risk from using the collider creating micro black holes and strangelets.  It is believed there may be a possibility that micro black holes may be created and if so will evaporate. There is apparently no proof that they would evaporate, and to the contrary there are sceintists who believe they may not evaporate and in fact may be drawn to the centre of the earth where they could grow. Another possiblity is that strangelets may be formed which could transform the earths matter, and although cern have dismissed strangelets as hypothetical, they are hypothetical because they are believed could exist by top scientists. It appears that not everybody who has adequate knowledge of this field is in agreement about the possibilities. 

I would like to think and hope that the educated people at Cern are conducting themselves responsibly on behalf of the public and the planet and would not take unecessary safety risks in their endevours to discover the fabrics of nature, and would give 100% caution to preserve the very fabric of our existance. A sceptical part of me cant help but think that people take great risks for greater gain and 6 billion dollars of funding to creat the biggest machine on earth might be just is too big an investment for them to walk away from.  This of course is a sceptical view and not my whole hearted opinion.

Based on what I have heard and read I am concerned. Take a look at  or look into reports from Dr Wolfgang Wildner and professor Otto E Rossler, and let me know what you think.


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Pretty sure nothing will happen is not 100%, I love science and am amazed at the progress we have made but, if we are going into areas that have many qualified scientists arguing that could be unsafe for the public, I believe more research should be done before we go too far. The belief that micro black holes evaporate has no proof. Science is supposed to be about proof, will these experiments prove that they do, what if they prove that they don't?

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Exactly. Pretty sure just doesn't cut it! The argument to halt experiments is very just. CERN should pause their experiments until further proof (ie observed in the cosmos) is provided. The reality is there are two competing theories and it is Hawking's word against Einstein's word. What's at stake is peoples lives near CERN (ie Europe) and the possibility of creating a singularity. If this had the vote of the people the people would say Shutdown CERN. Unfortunately it only has the voice of a always curious, sometimes wise, and in this case dice throwing physics community.

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I agree, there are no odds high enough to continuing this on the present path much less something like 1 in a thousand for the end of the planet. I do not like to walk across the street with such odds of getting hit by a car. Now just think it is a whole planet! The LHC needs to be put on hold indefinitely.

And, really, what are we learning with this machine that is not BS PR?

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... I'm pretty sure that nothing harmful is going to happen because of the Hadron Collider... no black holes are going to erupt... the earth is not going to implode on itself. The hype about all of this just that-- a hype. Yet the knowledge we can gain from this Collider can move us leaps and bounds in what we know about physics.

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I agree that the knowledge we can gain from these experiments is vast. Yet, there are two major "theories" that are about to have a duel here. One is Einstein's that says that black holes do not evaporate, and one is Hawking's that claims they do. So, if Einstein is right the black hole eats the earth. If Hawking's is right we watch it evaporate. I'd rather we gained more evidence from the cosmos before taking the leap here on Earth. CERN should not rush in its experiments, and should pause its experiments until further proof is found in the universe first. Maybe it should consider another breakdown :)

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Micro-black holes aren't a threat because they evaporate almost as soon as they are created.

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Remember when we were kids and our parents told us that if we played with matches we risk the possibility of getting burned? 'Nough said. ;)

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