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curfew laws

we teenagers should be able to be out late.


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Curfew laws are for idiots not for teenagers im 17 and have freinds i should know.

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i live in a city just outside Oakland/S.F and when i was a kid their was no curfew law and i remember staying out late and it was a problem with the city but not much violence ..... a few years ago their was many many gun violence incidents with teenagers and robbery and so on. the city about a year and a half ago the city created a curfew and the violence has gone down big time. yes their is still gun violence and just last week three teenagers were killed and so on. but it is much safer at night now. i think this depends on where you life, if its a backwoods town sure but hear. than god we got it now because people are dieing

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curfew laws give cops the ability to send kids home/arrest them/search them past a certain time. Most people that are violent criminals don't care about breaking a curfew law; in order for it to be effective cops would have to be telling kids to go home/ arresting them. In my neighborhood i could very easily avoid cops by taking back alleyways etc if i wanted to. I'm curious how many kids was told to go home or were arrested for being out late in your city and if that corresponds strongly to the decrease in violent crime. Did anything else happen in your city to decrease violent crime? I imagine there was several new laws enacted around the same time.

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i was a pretty good kid at my high school and i was still out drinking and fighting and occasionally other wrong doings (typical kid)..... when this law was passed it prevented kids like me who occasionally acted out to not go out or at lest watch over our backs. i hated the cops and was harassed many times by them and I'm white. but this law stepped up the enforcement of cops stopping kids for just about anything. no other laws were passed from my knowledge or none that we kids heard about. plain in simple it made it a burden to go out and have too much fun. i no kids who are under 18 like my girlfriends little sister and she is not harassed when pulled over because she is not drinking or doing drugs. shes a geek. the cops drover her home once and told her mom and that was not a big deal and the other time she was told to go home. the his law was passed to stop the kids diving scrapers and bumping subs and doing misdeeds. one thing is a fact..... kids were killing people and when the city cracked down on them violence went down alot. and kids who hated the law a couple years ago, do admit it has likely saved lives. i do believe this would be excessive in a little town and the bible beaters wanted to be mean, but in a city of 100,000 plus population with kids filtering in and out of Oakland, Richmond and sf.... this law was a god send.

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