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do fairys exist

may seem stupid but this is serious. i have seen peter pan and i dont see how they could make something like that up

yes they do

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no they dont

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1) The Fairy Bible talks about them ( ). If it's in a book, it must be true.

2) There have been many sightings ( )

3) They have a festival every year to celebrate them ( )

4) You just have to have faith in them.

5) I feel in my heart that they are real, and no amount of logic or scientific mumbo jumbo will convince me otherwise.

6) You can't prove they don't exist.

Yes I'm kidding, but do these arguments sound familiar? If you find yourself making these arguments about certain other claims, you might want to think about just how silly these statements sound.

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Who else makes fairy rings? And the ledgends have to come from somewhere, right?

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I believe fairys don't exist but I have seen them in stories and you don't see them in real life.

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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What are you talking about? Everyone knows that fairies exist. There have been countless stories about them and not all of those stories can be false?

Hey, aren't most things based in some reality? There's evidence people came up with fairy-like creatures at different times and in different places! How do you explain that!!?

I mean really, prove to me that fairies don't exist... I'm waiting...


Well the only logical conclusion I can draw from that is that I'm right.

And I'm so sick of these Fairyatheists shoving their beliefs down my throat by not teaching about fairies in public schools and by not putting up Fairy Trees during Fairymas.

It's a free country! I'm perfectly free to make you worship any fairy I want you to worship!

Don't you even know this is a fairy nation based on Fairyism?

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Yes, 'little people' are mentioned in lots of different cultures.

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hahahahahahaahhaha srom you just got sromed lol .

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