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yes we need no I can live by my self
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do we need social interaction or not?

yes we need

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no I can live by my self

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Without a doubt, social interaction provides people with the necessary tools to cope and survive in this world.

There are things that a human needs, to feel fulfilled, (in most cases) Love is very important to love another and to feel loved ourselves, this I state in the friend sense as well as the sexual and family sense. Finding and keeping friends is a very important part of our overall well being. They comfort us, critique us, make us laugh and ultimately give us the best times of our lives.

Without social interaction we would not meet people, find lovers and have children which is important for the continuation of the species.

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From birth, humans are wired to want to see the faces, hear the voices, and feel the touch of other humans. We are social animals, our brains are built to connect with each other, and positive social interaction with other humans is imperative to healthy, normal development.

We can see the effects of its absence in children who were neglected at early ages; case studies suggest that if a child receives too little social interaction before one year, they are far more likely to lack empathy and have trouble seeing other humans as feeling, thinking beings. Sometimes, when deprived of human stimulation for a long time, children even exhibit withered brains or stunted growth.

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Being quite the recluse, my natural response is 'no'. However, I agree that it is quite refreshing to see a familiar face every now and then.

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There must be compassionate people in this world who care about the poor.

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