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do you support the paparazzi taking pictures of celebrities children


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Europeans have a right to privacy under the European Convention. However, this has to be balanced with the press' right to freedom of expression. There is no clear reason why children should be given more privacy than adults. It is not a valid argument to say that famous people should have less privacy than none famous people because they chose to be famous - we all have the same right to privacy and the press should be able to photograph people without first doing an assessment of how famous person is or if he or she consented in some bizarre through them seeking fame.

How the law stands at the moment is that people only have a right to privacy if they have a legitimate expectation of privacy. So for example, in the case of UK v Murray the son of J K Rowling, who was 2 year old, did not have a right to privacy as he walking along the street as there is nothing inherently private in walking down the street.

There is no reason why children should have more privacy than adults or why celebrities should have less privacy than the rest of us.

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Jesus Christ! I can't even get away from the paparazzi on CreadeDebate!!!

Leave me alone, I'm a perrrrrsssssoooooonnnnn!

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Do I agree? What is that supposed to mean?

If you meant to say '' do you support the paparazzi taking pictures of celebrities children'' .. then no. The children never had a say in whether they want to be in the paper or not, they most certainly did not choose or try to become famous themselves. It is against the Constitution, which claims everyone has the right to privacy.

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It isn't an invasion of privacy if the children are in public view. You have a right to privacy where privacy is required or permitted. For example a restroom or a changing room. However if you are just walking the streets, most likely, pictures can be taken.

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Taking pictures and putting them in magazines for the entire world to watch against your will is most certainly a violation of privacy.

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Atrag(5546) Disputed
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It is against the Constitution, which claims everyone has the right to privacy.

Which constitution are you referring to?

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shoutoutloud(4182) Clarified
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The danish constitution claims you have the right to privacy, I don't know about the us.

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I don't support the paparazzi in general. Anytime you're taking pictures of people you don't personally know in their private time, it's just not cool.

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taking pictures without a person's permission is pretty annoying. and i don't think the paparazzi have any permission.

besides, i don't see the point of paparazzi.

oh look she's shopping and walking and talking! -_- really?

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