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 do you think that obamas commercial was a load of crap? (7)

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do you think that obamas commercial was a load of crap?

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I personally don't care what religion our president is! This country was founded on the idea of religious freedom, not Christianity. Besides, maybe some one who lived over there has a greater appreciation, understanding, and ability to communicate with people in the Arab world. We as Americans could certainly use an improvement in those areas!

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One way to tell if a politician is lying is to see if he's talking. If he's talking, he's lying.

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thank you thay was a good one lol

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Tamisan(891) Disputed
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I know Christians who attended Jewish schools and Jews who attended Christian schools, so why does it make someone Muslim to attend a Muslim school--if he ever did?

Why are you so frightened of Muslims? I know some really smart, successful Muslims. And Jews. And Catholics. And Pagans. And Buddhists. And so forth.

Side: Freedom of religion