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do you think the germans in WWII could have won the war?

the germans had better tanks and equipment than he allies


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The error Germany made was by starting off on the weak nations and then, having tired their armies out, wasted time terrorizing Jews, coloured and disabled and forgetting to Fight pretty much every nation surrounding them sufficiently.

#1 rule of fighting: Start on the strong parts then destroy the rest of the weakened body.

#2 rule of fighting: Don't be a Nazi.

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Had the Germans not attacked Russia they could have controlled a large part of Europe and could have called for some kind of truce with Russia. At that point America probably wouldn't be able to help.

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TheAshman(2299) Disputed
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Germany all ready had a truce with Russia when both countries invaded Poland they started by carving Poland up between them but Hitler fucked up by breaking the truce, if Hitler had kept his truce with Russia and concentrated on the rest of Europe before declaring war on America he might have prevailed. Instead he broke his truce with Russia had his allies bomb America before things were even decided in Europe.

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Cartman(18192) Disputed
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It sounds like you basically supported what I said. If the Germans hadn't done that stuff would they have won?

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The Germans made several critical errors, most of these were due to Corporal Hitler. The main error was attacking the Soviet Union. Germany could simply not out fight the Soviet. Furthermore, declaring war on the United States did not help anything.

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Providing they had the atom bomb before the Americans did.

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Well I remember their submarine warfare and that was literally a very nice strategy. Also they had many advanced pieces of technology. I think they mainly lost because of where the battle took place. I mean America didn't do too much because we came in there late. I never understood why people assume America just dominated in the war. Anyways the Allies still had some pretty nice strategies. Also since Germany isn't strategically placed on the map they had a disadvantage. If their submarines weren't restricted they may have had a far better edge. I am not too sure about all the details but thats all I remember.

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Del1176(4964) Clarified
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Only Americans believe that America dominated that war.

Only people with brains believe they didn't.


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Germany's initial expansion was only so rapid because senior politicians in Britain and France had either over estimated Germany's military force or saw Germany as a potential aid in fighting against the U.S.S.R. If Britain had France had acted immediately after Germany broke the Treaty of Versailles, then WWII would have ended very quickly.

Germany had also signed several treaties with the USSR, if these treaties hadn't occurred and USSR had joined in the war sooner then the Nazi's would have easily lost.

The Nazi's had also recieved aid from American companies such as General Motors, which if Hitler had not been given such support then he would have certainly lost the war.

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