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eBook vs the aBook

eBook: computer which just shows a book as thoughy uo were reading one

aBook?: I was shown on Youtube, skip to 0:33 for the decent information


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I like my eReader because I can increase the size of the font which makes reading so much more comfortable.

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For those of you too lazy to click a link:

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Funny. .

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mimi(129) Disputed
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plzzzz i need arguments about helping others that's for today plzz i have an exam and thnks

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I love the link. But, as for the argument, hard books are better for now. E-book technology is still in infancy, and while there's no reason it shouldn't improve, there are still downfalls.

First, eBooks are the epitome of "putting all your eggs in one basket". If something happens to your device, it gets hacked, lost, broken, stolen, etc., you've lost all your books. Not so with real books.

Second, along the same lines. If the eBook device screen is damaged, but not enough to get a Warranty repair, then every single page of every single book you have is also damaged. If you rip/mark a real book page, it's only one page of hundreds or even thousands.

Third. This is more of an opinion, but there's nothing quite as satisfying as turning that final page, or watching your progress eat through a large book. Sure, there are percentage bars on Kindle (at least), but it's not the same.

Fourth. Also along those same lines. It's easier to find quotes in real books, as you know generally where the quote was in the book. On eReaders, you can't flip pages nearly as fast as in real life to search. Also, due to the convenient font size changes available, pages look different every time on eReaders.


That's my opinion. I'll admit, eBooks are much better for people who travel frequently (multiple times a month, or even a week), as they don't have to carry a library around with them if they need to read. Also, text formats offer the advantage of string searching, allowing for quick look-ups if you know a direct or partial quote.

But, to me, those advantages do not outweigh the disadvantages they have over real books.

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mimi(129) Disputed
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i know that Reading books is a habit that is popularly taken up by more and more people. It benefits our lives by improving our knowledge to a large extent, helping us relax and become more confident in communication.

but when we haven't the time to read a book what we should do????

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I'm with you on this, I've got hundreds of books and in my mind they're irreplaceable, the expense of the device is something that would hold me back as well, the content though can be saved to a cloudsite so I wouldn't be too worried about losing the data.

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