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As we all know in this pandemic, everything is closed due to this deadly disease. Everyone is studying and doing their work at home. In this challenging time, the e-Learning and EdTech applications have helped many students and mentors learn about other things.

Pupils love their mobile phones and when learning comes through it they love it too. E-learning app development is a great initiative taken by the developers to help improve education and learn other things. According to LearnDash, 70% of students felt more comfortable and enjoyed learning via mobile phones than on desktops.

Are you looking for a mobile app development company for your iOS or Android e-Learning application? Hire an iPhone app developer from us for your fully functional and feature-filled e-Learning app.

Below are the details that you must know if you are thinking to create an e-learning app.

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Tell me, what e-learning technologies are now most in demand and effective for training in various educational fields?

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Currently, with the development of technology, e-learning is becoming increasingly popular and accessible for various educational fields. One of the most effective and in-demand technologies is . It allows you to create interactive courses and content that can be easily integrated into various learning management systems.