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extreme stupidity

There is no peace in my life
there are just demons to fight
that's why I'm extreme and obscene when I type
and I just can't be decent, alright?
humans cannot think or reason despite
our best efforts to seem in the right
fools think their geniuses, quite 
inconvenient since genius is treated like shite
your perceived as a freak of the night
and it's true cause' you stay up all night with the thesis you write
and just try to complete it and hide
from the people that try
to fill you with distractions, beliefs and with lies
cause' you know normalcy is designed
to transmit like it's a disease of the mind
to keep you inside
the realm of the mundane, never seeking the light
so the demons I fight are called human beings, their like
the worst things that could ever even arise
in any reality ever devised, cause' their all sheep or wolves with a sheepish disguise
my frequencies high
and I'm deep with the rhymes
completely deletin' the cretinous swine
that is the average MC in these times
it may seem that the prize
has been taken, it's secretly mine
and in time all the weakness will die
and I'll be on top of this rap game bleedin' it dry
while I let semen fly, spray this beat in the eyes
and get up in between it's ass cheeks from behind

and I am not a genius but I think like one
if you disagree than you can drink my cum
I am fucking weeded, this ain't pink eye son
if you smoke with me then better bring five lungs

yeah that's off topic but I had to say it cause' it's true
when I write my raps I'm always baked and fuckin' boozed
I rarely ever lie, you can take it from a dude
who obsesses over making sure no statement is askew
I am very high, the truth is blatant from this view
I want to help the human race but it's too late because we're screwed

there's just apathy
and dumb assery
lots of talk but nothings happening
it's sad to see
humans casually
go about their lives like their half asleep
while the masses eat
massive heaps
of crap both informationally and gastrically
consuming propaganda and that which leaves them sick and gives them cavities

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extreme stupidity

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