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fantastic four vs avengers who wins?

there have been many Avengers, but we'll take the 4 from the movie: captain America, ironman, Thor and hulk. these four vs Mr. fantastic, invisible woman, torch and the thing. AERIAL BATTLE torch vs ironman: ironman would have a huge edge here, I believe, but it may be possible that he could get some support in the battle from invisible woman LEADER BATTLE cap vs stretch: advantage Mr. fantastic POWER BATTLE hulk vs thing: advantage hulk many times hulk has beaten the thing OTHER BATTLE Thor vs invisible woman this battle is debatable. 


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I think the FF have teamwork on their side right out of the gates. Their tactics would be to keep the Avengers from becoming coherent and to continue to force mismatches while the others keep the Avengers power houses from doing too much damage. They could press this advantage for only so long though as the Avengers have shown that even a rag tag team can come together when pressure is on.

The power levels of the Avengers pose a threat from the start though. A quick knockout is possible in some of the mach ups and could easily swing the fight more quickly in favor of the Avengers causing a snowball effect. I see Johnny and Ben to be the anchor men of the FF, either of them being taken down would free up a strong advantage for the Avengers.

Honestly having Bruce and Thor on the Avengers side really skews this.

Maybe switch one out for Natalia and you would have a closer match.

Side note;

My favorite Thing versus Hulk Battle was in a "What If" where they meet up at The Bar With No Name to arm wrestle. The bar is filled with D list baddies who decide to try to take both the Hulk and Thing out mid arm wrestle. The skit ends with he bar being destroyed around the Hulk and Thing, all baddies defeated and the arm wrestling match not over. Their table and chairs finally break and the match is a draw. That is when they finally realize something happened other than their match.


Is morality on or off? If on, what are criteria for victory? What is the setting?

ironman34698(235) Clarified
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well, he would have to keep them in character ( for a more realistic outcome) so morality is turned on. standard urban setting and criteria for victory would be to bring the other into submission

Side: FF
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Okay then:

IM vs. HT- This is one case where morality on or off is important. If Johhny let loose with his Supernova blast he'd probably destroy Tony, but without overwhelming his systems, I don't think he has a chance against Shellhead. IM is faster and more manueverable in flight, can absorb much of the heat Johnny is emitting and has multiple weapons. He could grab him and take him to an elevation where low air pressure would eliminate his flames and cause the Torch to pass out, among other tactics.

Mr. Fantastic vs Cap- Reed may not be a power house but he is very tough when stretching, and Cap doesn't have anything that could guarantee a knockout. Cap's a better strategist, but Reed is a far better physicist/engineer, and it shouldn't be hard to manipulate his body in a way that gives cap no leverage for resistance. Basically he could wrap him up (though it might take quite a bit of effort to catch Cap). Problem is, this really limits how active Reed can be in the remainder of the fight, and leaves open the possibility that Cap could be freed by an ally. But I'd say Reed gets a round one victory here.

Hulk vs. Thing- They've had numerous battles. Sometimes they tie, on very rare ocassions Ben wins, but more often than not, the Hulk seriously overpowers the Thing. It would be a whole lot of smashing, but I think Hulk would win out.

Thor vs. IW- (I'm using classic Thor here. Currently, as Odinson, he does not have Mjolnir or the Odin-Force, so is less powerful). Although Sue is probably the most powerful and versatile member of the Four, Thor is still a massively powerful Warrior God and heir to Odin. I believe that with Mjolnir, he should be able to take down her strongest force field. Maybe not on the first hit, but a couple of whacks should take it down, and the back lash would stun her long enough to grab her. And while she can obviously become invisible, Thor's hearing is significant enough that he should here her moving, and maybe hear her heart rate. He is also a strategist and warrior with eons of experience. It might take a bit, but Thor will overwhelm her.

3 out of 4 going to Avengers, and Reed would have to release Cap to properly fight now, so it would be him against Thor, Hulk, Cap and IM simultaneously. I think he'd submit now.

So yeah...the Avengers would take a while, but they'd eventually stomp the FF I believe.

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I don't see the fantastic four beating Hulk, let alone all of the avengers.

For one the avengers have numbers on their side, two, the avengers has a horde of heavy hitters. Obviously this depends on which group of Avengers you use, but generally Thor, The Hulk, and or Giant Man are on the team, and if so, you've got one of three people who can one shot any of the Fantastic Four, led by Iron-Man who can provide some aerial support.


Not even close, the Avengers have the Hulk. Enough known.---------------