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fox news is not right-winged


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Fox news is not affiliated with any political institution. It is fair and balanced, providing insight that refers to each party.

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garry77777(1794) Disputed
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My God, how can you possibly say something so incredibly stupid, the evidence of Fox's lies and propaganda are everywhere, i mean you really have to make a concerted effort to ignore the truth about the station.

Fox is more akin to what they play on state television in North Korea than it is to actual journalism, but hey if thats the kind of news you like good luck with that;-)

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Fox News absolutely is right-winged. They basically report on whatever the GOP asks them do report on, and how they ask them to do so.

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And MSNBC is absolutely left winged. They basically report on whatever the Democrats asks them to report on, and how they ask them to do so.

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iamdavidh(4856) Disputed
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No one disputes that MSNBC is left wing.

The difference between the two however is pretty vast. It is a completely false equivalency.

MSNBC for example doesn't just make shit up. They have opinions sure, but they don't just make up stuff like fox. Fox starts in the morning with a completely fabricated "rumor" and by prime time they are reporting the "rumor" they started like gospel--always something about Obama spending 10 trillion on communist trips to that socialist Europe or other such nonsense. Once that story is proven false, whether it's human trafficking within Acorn or John Kerry wasn't really a war hero, once they've been proven in their lie they just ignore all the crap they'd been spewing and move on to the next lie.

Viewers are also aware that MSNBC is liberal... I mean most of the commentators even admit to being liberal, while fox and fox viewers by and large cling to the "fair and balanced" bs like a child to their blanky.

MSNBC is left wing yes, but it's not bizarro world like fox.

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Conro(767) Disputed
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How is this relevant at all? MSNBC being left winged has no effect upon whether Fox is right winged.

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That's simply untrue. *

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FOX News caters to the Right Wing crowd. The Right Wing depends on FOX News for their daily dose of Conservative brainwashing.

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