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 girls vs. boys....... who is better? and why? (26)

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girls vs. boys....... who is better? and why?

girls are alot better than boys in my own opinion but i am having to do a debate at school and was wondering what everyone else thought about this subject!!!!!! :)

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Better at what?

When it comes to friendship, males are generally better than females. Girls are very critical and very bitchy, whereas guys have a punch up, and the next day they've forgotten all about it.

When it comes to life, women are better than men. I mean, guys can't give birth...and most (I say that hesitantly) are lacking that maternal instinct to nurture. That's not saying that guys don't make good parents, but they tend to be harsh on the boys and over indulgent on the girls.

When it comes to ruling a country, I am more inclined to say females are better (Hilary Clinton, Julia Gillard, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Elizabeth II, Catherine the Great etc) because females tend to be critical and demanding of perfection in everything around them as well as themselves. Female rulers are more inclined to put other people before others (it comes with the chick territory).

Warfare is definitely the guys territory. Think before you act, hide your emotions, don't go spaz on the battlefield.

So all in all, I like both and think they are both awesome

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Mostly girls because even though the first person was a man us ladies made the world bigger and better by creating more people and you cant argue with that :D

Bossboy(2) Clarified
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Do you know how evolution works? Men and women came at the same time. They are both good in their different ways. Different does not mean less than.

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Guys because they don't have to give birth, they don't have a period, and they don't get called a slut constantly....but other than that....girls all the waaaaaaaaaaaaay..........ya.

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1. Most major historical figures are men. Men have shaped the world throught their inventions and through warfare. They have done the impossable and things women can't. Ghengis Khan conquered nearly all of asia. Thomas Edison harnessed electricity and shaped the modern world. Has a women done that? Has a women led rome to its height?

2. Men are better. If women are "better" or equal, why have they been lower in the caste system in most nations? In the middle east, men are on top and are the kings of their homes. In america, they get less pay and had rights for less than a century. In most nations and empires, they never ruled or were usually denied rule. There are several reasons why.

3. Men are better buisness men. Who is Christy Walton? She is the richest women with a net worth of about $25.3b. Impressive? Not really. The richest man and person in the world has a net worth of about $69b-more than 2xs more than christy. And he is still making money. In modern society, money is everything. Even Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire.

4. Men are stronger. Men are always at the front lines of the war. They have fought since the beggining of civilizations. Men are in the seals, delta, gign, spetznaz, sas etc. Women aren't , these army divisions protect the nation more than the army- which dosent include many women. Also, the male body is built for fighting. Male animals often fight, so they must stay strong. In addition, there are several laws protecting women so men must fend for themselves.

5. Women aren't very good at debating. I looked online and most women said they are better than men for foolish reasons like they don't have penises, they have emotions while men have "balls", even they can wear sweatpants. These are not good reasons nor are they facts that always apply. Most men stated reasons supported by scientific data.

6. Men fought for their rights. When an are is conquered and the people are stripped of rights and dignity like nazi-occupied france, men rise up and fight. They die but don't quit for their rights. Women, however, were given their rights. In america, women made up the majority of the population. With government support and support from some men, women were practically given rights.

7. Men are better at sports. Sports require speed, agility, quick thinking, and teamwork. Men are better than women at sports. The best basketball players are male. The best football teams are made of males. The best male soccer players are better than most female ones. This means they don't work well or they just don't have the skills men do.

aashna111(5) Disputed
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Honestly, I feel really sorry for kids like you, because you don't have brains. See how I said kids, instead of boys? Do you know why that is? Because I'm not sexist. Kids like you generally rend to be discriminative from every angle. I'll forgive you thinking it's just... you know... bad blood. I'm not saying girls are better, but I'm just saying the perspective people look at them now could be better. If only men had encouraged women in those early days, women could have, possibly achieved a lot more. You're looking at the facts, not the ethics. You seem to have copy and pasted information from a lame website, probably made by someone as discriminative as you are. Instead of posting shit online about women, I'd rather be supporting women. Look at your family, your mother for example. Are you saying she's not powerful? She isn't strong? I mean she would be having to tolerate your bullshit and giving birth to such a lame-ass as you. Honestly, men like you are the reason women can't go ahead. Get your shit together, or continue being a piece of shit.

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I Did a debate at school on the topic of who is smarter, girls vs. boys. I was on the girls side, and I found out many interesting facts.

Women are dominating colleges and earning more bachlor (sp?) degrees than men. we do better at reading, writing, and arts. We don't have to be signifigant in history to prove something.

We have motherly instincts, which proves us to be better parents. We also have a higher pain tolerance which enables up to give birth.

Our bodies mature faster and our minds retain information easier. Women also tend to be manipulative, getting them out of sticky situations such as speeding tickets or forgeting homework.

Women rule men. Women cook, feed, and cater to men constantly. Back in the day, when women were not allowed to work, women cooked cleaned and watched the children. Now, if there were no women, what would a man do in that situation? At that time, most men did not cook or clean. The house wold have been a mess and the occupants would have been starving.

Those are only some reasons women are better than men. Thank you!

cod-pownage(126) Disputed
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Women are dominating colleges and earning more bachlor (sp?) degrees than men.

men are being drafted into army which prevents them from joining. there are also more females in the us which give you a numerical advantage.

we do better at reading, writing, and arts.

you might read better. there are more top selling writers who are male, so you aren't better at writing, since you don't use it. the best literature (Shakespeare, sun tzu's art of war,etc.) are written by men. there are also More male artists and graphic designers. they work hard to get you video games with high quality.

We also have a higher pain tolerance

but men can get trained to have pain tolerance higher than women. women yell and moan during childbirth, but spetznaz and viking berserkers are trained to feel no pain in combat or torture.

We don't have to be significant in history to prove something.

yes you do. if you can do something good enough to be in history, it proves everything. Patricia A. Tracey was an admiral. she did great and was the first female to get a 3rd star. she is not remembered whatsoever. Spartacus led a slave revolt in Rome, Julius Caesar expanded Rome to its height. Hitler led the Nazis to victory until the us joined WWII. Ende was a female artist, yet not as famous as Michelangelo or DaVinci. significance proves a lot. how else will we remember Albert Einstein's skills and accomplishments?

Women rule men.

according to the US list of presidents, the east Asian list of leaders, the German's, etc, they don't.

At that time, most men did not cook or clean.

automatic fail. nowadays, that doesn't matter. now there are professional chefs, restaurant owners, fathers cooking, janitors, etc. besides, thats what women are for.

ChaoticDream(1) Disputed
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"Spetznaz and Viking berserkers are trained to feel no pain in combat or torture."

Yes. They are TRAINED to feel no pain. Women are not given any training to have something the size of a football come through a small hole in their bodies. Try putting something small up you butt hole. It hurts, doesn't it? Now imagine something much larger than that pushing out of your body for sometimes hours, with no 'training' as you put it.

aashna111(5) Disputed
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Son of a bitch, women are not for cooking at cleaning and sucking ur dick?! Girls have to suffer 10,000 more things than you do! Are you saying your mum was made to cook and clean and suck your dad's dick? Honestly, I feel sorry for your mum for giving birth to such a piece of shit.

I really don't think it matters. I like that fact I am a Boy so I don't have to go through labor.

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If you're female you'll say female, if you're male you'll say male - exception being gays and lesbians, in this case the person may say the opposite sex.

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Lol, I would say ladies because we have the right stuff down south.

But seriously, guys because they don't have to worry about appearance as much as girls and they don't have periods or do child-birthing.

OH, and they have more say in anything,but that's just with the times I guess.

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Hell hath no fury like a woman's scorn....

A fact!

The minimum length for an argument is 50 characters. The purpose of this restriction is to cut down on the amount of dumb jokes, so we can keep the quality of debate and discourse as high as possible.

cod-pownage(126) Disputed
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Whoever said that didn't know about pol pot, hitler, or zeus. Pol pot killed millions and cambodia was left with a fraction of their origional population. Hitler was cruel to jews. He gassed them and used them as slaves. He robbed them and made them live in ghettos. Zeus the greek god of gods. Was merciless to who he hated. The black plague killed millions of europeans. A womens scorn never killed hundreds in a days.

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Lol that is so funny and true. Also a woman's scorn can kill a married man's happy mood.

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boys are better than girls...

who is the smarter one? the boys.why?


In a study accepted for publication by the British Journal of Psychology, Dr. Paul Irwing (Manchester Business School, Senior Lecturer in Organizational Psychology) and Prof. Richard Lynn (University of Ulster, Professor Emeritus) conclude that men are on average five points ahead on IQ tests. The study also found that men outnumbered women in increasing numbers as intelligence levels rise. There were twice as many with IQ scores of 125, a level typical for people with first-class degrees. When scores rose to 155, a level associated with genius, there were 5.5 men for every woman."

aashna111(5) Disputed
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That's because girls are given such a mindset as to grow up and cook, clean, get married and have kids. If only ppl like you were less sexist, life could be better for girls.

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...Girls VS. Boys was all you could think of? Hmm...

Honestly, not only is the topic too vague, I don't see much point in it. Assuming this isn't just some bored kid trollolol'ing, pick something with a much more narrow focus.

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Women are better and here is why:

Many people say that men are better because throughout history, they have been the people to have lasting impressions. When you first think about it, this seems right. When you think of history, you think of men like Napoleon, George Washington, or Abraham. These are the people of textbooks, but it doesn't necessarily mean that men were the only people to make a difference. Think of people like Theodora, or Eleanor of Aquitaine. These women are forgotten figures in history.

Another argument that people have been saying, is how men are smarter and more capable of doing things like working in a laboratory or surgery room. Let's think of the nonfictional movie, Hidden Figures. If you would be so kind as to remember how so many men were not able to figure out difficult math equations with the all the materials they needed, one woman was able to figure them out using a chalkboard and a piece of chalk. Enough said.

One thing that somebody said really irked me. They said, "Boys are better because they can pee standing up." Yes you can. That is no big accomplishment. Do you know what women can do? They can bleed for a week, while having cramps that feel like gunshots, every month, for about 40 years of their lives. That is 6 years of bleeding. What would happen if a man happened to bleed for a couple of days? It would be terrible! Oh no, get him to the hospital! And what do women do? They walk around. They get their kids to school on time before going to work to earn money for their families. All while bleeding through a tiny hole in their bodies.

So don't you dare say men are better than women. We are strong. We can do anything that men can, and sometimes better than them.

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I'd rather have sex with a girl, so yes girls, most of you are better than boys. What's up?....

...Except the ugly ones.

I would never try to take sides on which gender is better or worse. Both have their good points and bad points.

Today's Liberal Progressive agendas have created identity politics, pitting one person against another based on sex, gender, skin color, nationality, etc. etc.

The latest in political correct identity politics singles out the woman. Hollywood and Liberal media have been non stop pushing Feminist agendas, and it seems you have been conditioned to agree.

You watch Liberal slanted TV, and have embraced identity politics. You are the results of identity politics. Democrats want you growing up to vote for them!

If you want to get down to issues that show the good or bad of women, how about the fact that a majority of women in America vote for the most radical Pro abortion politicians.

Do you think it is a better person who would support No Restriction abortions (when voting for Politicians who keep it legal) of viable unborn babies for any reason up to birth? I don't!

Men and women are very different and play diverse roles in society. Mother's are much more nurturing when it comes to raising children, while men are physically stronger and much more capable of providing security for families.

There is no better or worse. We all have our shortcomings and strengths. This is why men and women are designed to come together, unite as one. Our differences make for a wonderful union with each other's strengths complimenting the other.

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It's interesting that this would be debated in school since saying one sex is better than another is sexist. I don't particularly care but "Blacks vs whites, who is better?" just doesn't seem like a likely school debate topic.

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BOYS ---we can pee when standing :D


aashna111(5) Disputed
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congratulations on having a dick then, honestly tho, are you joking or what?

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