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has NCLB education act helped or hurt eduaction

former president bush cretaed NCLB in 2001 do you think it is helping or hurting


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it helped a lot because it

1. boost payments to schools by 24% and let states use it like they wanted

2. encougred kids to do better at school

3. showed progress in schools and states

4. gave states more power

5. gave kids the power to pass thier grades

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Every president since Kennedy has vowed to help education and failed, so I don't think anybody can single out Bush. NCLB let's us see where each student stands individually and lets us see where schools stand and qualify for federal funding.

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i think it was suppose to help i mean a lot of senators and congressmen approved it but i think know nine years later that it has failed tremdously or mabye it was just wrong place wrong time

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