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have you ever had a "religious" moment? like you saw something or heard something


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my girlfriends mom is jewish and i had to go to her church or whatever they call it and it was odd and different but i felt like i could speak hebrew for a minute

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You know those .. religious quotes.. you know? Some of them make you think.

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what? like what do you mean?

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You know those pictures with a quote on them? They are usually seen on facebook or something.

Some of the quotes have something to do with God, and they are very clever some of them.

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Yes, and sometimes I wonder if I could have prolonged it if I hadn't been so worried about being thought a kook by everybody.

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Wtf no. That's demons trying to get yah

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Dat's scary yo!

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no.. didnt had one as of yet. but not even willing to have one. the thought itself seems a bit scary type of

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