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homosexuals should have the right to marry.


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Sure. It's not like heterosexuals are doing such a bang up job with keeping the sanctity in marriage. If there is love between two consensual adults and they wish to take the plunge to marriage with all the rights given, then they should have the chance.

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Marriage is a human institution. There is literally nothing sacred about it. For those that want to scream that it was set up by their god - if you read the bible, it actually pretty clearly wasn't. There was no marriage ceremony between Adam and Eve in the bible - no marriage was mentioned until Cain took a wife. Think on that for a while.

There are actually a number of odd marriages in the bible. Polyamory was a fairly common practice, among the wealthy. What was the punishment for rape? Marriage. If your brother died, you were to take his wife. The Israelites were told to take the virgins (typically children) among the women, of the peoples they conquered.

So, in the bible, a marriage was between one man and one or more women, including your victims, your dead brother's wife, your prisoners of war...etc...a pillar of salt is the oddest I can think of, seeing as divorce was out. (Ok, maybe that qualified as dead, after all.)

I have no issue with gays marrying. At least they're living adult humans (one hopes).

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obviously i think they should, some may argue that by letting them marry we are denying rights from christians who think they shouldnt be able to... so if i for example sincerely believe that straight people shouldnt be able to marry, does that mean my rights are being violated?

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If two people love each other, why shouldn't have the right to marry each other?

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Of course, gay people should have the right to be as miserable as the rest of us, why not?

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If someone wants to marry someone of the same sex or the opposite sex let them. As long as you are not hurting anyone physically do whatever you want. I'm not saying it is right or wrong. I am saying that if someone is happy with doing it let them do it (again as long as they don't hurt anyone in the process)

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As long as homosexuality isn't discriminated against, we're good. But saying we have to encourage homosexuality is just putting more stress on kids and adults alike.

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I just can't help but think of all the sexually confused children coming out having been raised by school, the internet, and pop culture being snatched away by older super hip perverts with bags of meth.

Buy nah, gayboys. Go out and marry daddy at 18 or something. You'll probably like it. On meth, you could probably get a cactus shoved up your butt and it would feel good. Nevermind that you are now 22 and don't have any teeth left.

You know who uses meth? Hookers. Yeah, that stuff is hooker dope.

source: Bein' a pimp. Ya'll really have no idea how screwed up the freak culture is. It's not pretty at all.

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lionard1122(74) Disputed
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ok but because a percentage of the population is gay we need to make sure they dont think its wrong to be who they are, also... how did you get from homosexuality to meth?

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cruzaders(326) Disputed
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"but because a percentage of the population is gay we need to make sure they dont think its wrong to be who they are" if someone is wrong we shouldnt confort them in their error, numbers dont change anything. If everyone jumps off a cliff would you? would you tell them its a good idea?

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TzarPepe(766) Clarified
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Because I know a lot of prostitutes, transexuals, and gay men.

Meth happens to be very popular in these groups.

I don't believe in homosexual being a matter of identity. The people who take this as being a matter of identity are deluding themselves. I think they are wrong. It seems pretty obvious to me that they have a fetish, which is also backed up by scripture. Homosexuality is said to be a symptom of idolatry. A fetish is an idol.

No, I can't say homosexuality is a good thing. It is a very harmful thing, just like all forms of sexual immorality. Of course, post-sexual revolution, outside of rape nobody seems to believe that sexual immorality is a real thing. So what can be done?

Just because someone is being evil doesn't mean that you should hate them. I don't hate homosexuals. I think they are being deceived about who they really are.

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