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Liar, liar pants on fire. Pick a lie, any lie.
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IS THIS A SHOCK? Biden is awarded 4 Pinocchoes by the Washington Post for lying.

Yes, this deceitful, conniving old fool invented a whole concoction of falsehoods during the election claiming that polling stations were closing a 5 PM in certain states where it was outlawed to offer water to those standing in line to vote.
This of course was all a bundle of deliberate barefaced lies designed to tarnish the voting procedures of predominately Republican States.
Not only is this dithering, senile old simpleton a disgrace to the highest office in the land but he is a  Liar, A DIRTY LIAR. 

Liar, liar pants on fire.

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Pick a lie, any lie.

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One (possibly?). Only (about) 29,999 to go! :-)

Side: Liar, liar pants on fire.
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Of course all politicians lie and deceive, but even in his short time in office Biden has overtaken not only his immediate predecessor but most, if not all previous Presidents.

When this embarrassment of a President opens his trembling lips to speak he either squeaks out a load of incoherent gobbledygook or a torrent of downright deliberate lies.

From where did the Democrats find this mentally handicapped chimpanzee with a speech impediment?

Side: Liar, liar pants on fire.
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Biden is not only an embarrassment to his party but is a disgraced figure on the international stage.

He will say anything and has obviously lost most his short term memory.

When introducing a couple of his family members he had extreme difficulty in distinguishing who was who.

Gesticulating towards his wife he smiled and said, this is my daughter, and then turned and to his daughter and introduced her as his wife.

When he tried to correct his faux pas he became disorientated and appeared not to know who the hell was who.

The spastic thought he was married to his daughter and undoubtedly was curious how his wife appeared to be so young.

Side: Pick a lie, any lie.