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 if an alien space ship crashed on your yard what would you do (8)

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if an alien space ship crashed on your yard what would you do


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I would direct them to the white house. Maybe they'll take Obama with them ;)

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They wouldn't dare! My cat doesn't put up with unwelcome visitors.

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Where the hell do you find things like that.... Wait, no, I don't want to know.

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wow you are amazing you always find the perfect video/photo for the perfect time!

Have sex in it, on it and around it.

If there were any aliens that came along with it, I would have sex with them.

If there were any artifacts in the ship I would try to have sex with them.

I would film everything I do as well to sell to scientists later, because unfortunately for them, I would have turned the ship into a tree house.

Good enough answer?

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First i'd marvel at their parking. Then I'd take photos hoping because they woudl rasie good money.

I might apprach the ship and try to enter. maybe i could fly it???

if anyone was alive I'd video and intervoiew and offer to be their agent for sales of technology and for media rights.

if no one lived then i 'd get photos of me all over the ship and upload them, and get pics of all their equiptment.

if they were angry invders, I'd happily tell them where to disable earths defences - Iran, China, Russia, Afghanistan,Somalia, North Korea, its a long list!

if they were wise and peacefull i would advise them to leave this cursed planet in case they get corrupted, but ask them to do a fly past over the vatican and mecca.

I would run inside and call 911. I hope they would not chase after me.

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Call the immigration police or whatever they are called.