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EVIL MWAHAHA!! good!!!!!!!!
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if you could be a god would you be evil or good?


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If being stagnant and not doing anything unless a cataclysmic event was about to shoot off is evil, I'd prolly be an evil god.

I'd rather just watch I guess.

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Because unlike in fictional stories.... In real life, evil wins out almost all the time....

Plus evil is just funner.

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Evil is easy. You just do what you want. I think it would be boring after a while. Besides, I don't know if I would have the heart to be evil.

Being good would be hard, as JC said, because I would want to grant everyone's prayers, but I would have to look at the consequences. Some people would be easy to reward, but there would always be others that I should help.

It would take so much time. I would need a superpower, too, like the ability to slow or stop time. But I would be a God, so I could probably manage that.

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EVIL is a very shaky word.

it could mean that i dont like "conformity"

which i absolutely don't. U rly like seeing the same thing over and over agn? i dont

Chaos rulez, tho i would never want to hurt anyone on purpose.

There's a thin line between the two, i choose to hav a kind-nature, but a little chaos added :P

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i mean, what is the true point in being bad. There is not any reward at all. Besides, in all the movies the good guys come out on top. Always

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There's a challenge to being good. You always have to think about how your actions will affect others. Being evil is easy. Just think about yourself without any regards for others.

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i would be evil and good some one is being mugged i would help him. but i would be in heaven and be selfish a bit

if some one came begging i would tea bag him

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i would want to be a good god because i would be able to help this suffering world.

i would like to be like Poseidon to create water and sell it to foreign countries and help get the U.S out of debt like Andrew Jackson

or like Zeus and give air plane rides for free so people can pay more taxes to help the economy out of debt

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