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 if you were to die right now what will be the last thing you'll do (11)

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if you were to die right now what will be the last thing you'll do


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Your response is TOO funny! I love this one. I was simply going to say...

1. Have sex with my wife

2. Enjoy a really perfectly cooked steak

3. Open a vintage bottle of wine

4. Kick back and enjoy until the time expires.

Yes, that would be quite nice!

Someone could swap that vintage wine for a bottle of two-buck-chuck and - be honest, now - would you even know? Nobody is prepared to admit that wine doesn't actually have different tastes; it's just too damn expensive for that.

jokingly, i would rob gamestop of every video game and system in the world,mainly try to have every sonic the hedgehog game ever made ;), and play all the games that i have been dying(pun :) ) to play.

but for real, i would tell all of my family that i love them, and if i had a crush on someone, i would admit it to him, and i would..... hmmmm.... i know theres one thing that id want to do, but i cant put my finger on it.

or i can do both ;)

Die .

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Have sex with my boyfriend once more.

Tell my bet friend I love her and hug her.

Tell my brother, mom, and step dad I love them, and apologize for cutting them all out of my life so harshly.

Oh... And have creme brulee one last time.

To be able to try to stay alive before I die. So I won't die

Hmmm...., they say you don't need a parachute to sky dive...., only if you want to sky dive and do it again ;)

Maybe drive up to the mountains and look out over the forest as the sun sets.

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Bind my soul.

I will scoop myself a large bowl of ice cream because that will make me happy.

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I would mock death, kill anyone that I hate, make a will, and say my final words while driving drunk and crash into a tree.