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 increase scholarships in universities (9)

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increase scholarships in universities

Students obtaining 90% and plus marks in merit lists should be provided free education.and They should be invited from all over the world .

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Many countries are poor .governments cannot provide research facilities in their universities .so brighter students cannot get facilities to do research .they are more intelligent and hardworking .great universities like oxford and Cambridge should increase their scholar ships for such students

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Ja, I concour. They need to be encouraged, this world is falling to shit and we need to pick ourselves up.

I see what you are saying, but have we actually ever been out of the shit?

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There are many types of shit. Sometimes, it's just a large turd, very hard, that gives off no odor whats ever and very easy to take care of. We shall call that, mans early years, fire, cave paintings, bow and arrows, not too much to worry about. Other times, it's a massive pile of steaming light brown crap that has flies buzzing around it. We shall call that the middle ages. Right now, the sphincter is opening, and promising to squirt forth the most vile concoction of diarrheay liquid goo, splattering it everywhere with it's foul stench, if mankind does not act quickly and clean up his ways ( take some medication or something.) We shall call that the mess we are in now. We didn't wash our hands properly before eating, and we are not about to face the consequences...

Hope you enjoyed my metaphors :)

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there's been an education bubble forming over the past several decades and federal funding will only speed its bulge.

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Who's going to pay for education then? I don't think taxpayers would ever allow yet another burden to be placed upon them.

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Multinational companies should pay for them.they need research to improve their products. Only a hard working man can do research .they should allocate scholarships for university students. 50 or 60 scholarships for a company will not be a burden on them

Governments spend billions for army and to To tackle terrorism.why don't they try to change wrong thinking. Scholarships will increase the people's interest in good science.

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Countries need good agriculture, medicine,environment,connectivity. Good guns,tanks,jets cannot improve their situation.A person cannot think of living in Uganda,Afghanistan,Kashmir or Ethopia.Only if education condition of these places improve a person can think of settling in any part of the world.and can live an ideal life in the whole world.