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 is 3d the downfall of modern cinema? (18)

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is 3d the downfall of modern cinema?

has movies being promoted in 3d destroyed the cause for watching a regular movie at the theaters

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PS: I didnt make this debate. my frikin brother(yes the same one, my only one) posted it. i keep tellin him to make his own darn account but he wont listen, he never does . ugh. so if u think this is a stupid debate for some reason, (which i kinda think it is, but its ur opinion) thats my brother to blame.

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Of course not. It's simply a technological advance, nothing more. Just how silent movies eventually evolved into color and sound.

THANK YOU!! to both you and addltd. the only reason hes askin that ( my bro) cuz he heard some celebrity or singer say it.

.PS; Whenever i create a debate(rhymed! and name of site :) ) about my brother, it most likely will have the word stupid in it because to me, everything, almost everything, my brother says is stupid or crap, so that doesnt mean im offending anyone at all.

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I agree with your point that your brother needs to open his own account but I think this is quite a good debate (but then i'm a bit of a Movie Geek) and you never know you might find one day you and your brother will actually get on and agree on things!!

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No, I happen to love 3D. I think it is a very worth while invention to continue. There are many more like it like 2K, 4K and 8K resolution. I happen to really enjoy watching a 3D movie with my kids at the theater and at home.

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I think it's a cheap way of making movies cost more, but whatever. 3D movies aren't exactly a new concept. They've been around for a very, very long time. Hollywood is just exploiting the hell out of it because it's actually cheaper to do now.

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I have'nt got a problem with 3D when used properly it can add depth to a film like Avatar the Jungle was amazing it does annoy when it is just used as a gimmick like it is at the moment with everything being released in 3D but not neccasarily filmed in 3D (i'm not sure how the Science side of it works but Film's can be altered from 2D to 3D in the Production stage) because some films dont need to be in 3D.

3D's been around since the 1950's and turns up for a while till people get bored of the gimmick although I think it will be around longer this time around because the technology is better

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There's two problems I've got with 3D movies.

1) The stupid glasses you have to wear, I would appreciate it if it could be 3D without the discomfort of oversize glasses on me.

2) I get serious headaches when watching them. I often have to take off the annoying glasses and look down into the dark to get my head straight. That's the worse part.

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Well, the 3DS has pulled that off, and I assume the 3D technology that the 3DS has will get onto the big screen, soon.

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I think so too, though I don't know if that'll fix my second problem. It might, but I don't know what really causes the headaches.

ChuckHades(3198) Disputed
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I hope not, as the 3DS made its target demographic violently ill .

Not at all, it might be a fad as it was with the red-green double camera shot old 3D, it might not.

The main point I'd like to make is that it is generally used for action, some horror (mainly shit ones) and CGI animated movies.

Most decent cinema will not be using the 3D effect and as such cinema as an art will remain unchanged.

Excluding Pixar, I've yet to see one 3D movie that wasn't a special effects centered disposable piece of plastic shit.

3D is no longer a novelty but those movies no longer have objects being tossed out of the screen anymore. They are like looking through a ViewMaster.

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3d is the work of the devil and must be abolished---------------