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 is 42 the answer to life? (4)

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is 42 the answer to life?

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Have you seen/read The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy? Deep Thought said it was 42 as a joke because it was a random number that sounded funny.

42 may apply to many things, but that's just how numbers work. Better results could be found from any other number.

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Your article just found random things throughout history that somehow relate to the number 42. This could literally be (successfully) done with any number. And you would probably get much better results from numbers like "1" "10" or "100" because they crop up more often than random numbers like "42."

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What question is 42 the answer to?

~What is life?

~Why is there life?


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I sure he is just trying to make an additional buck or two. Some of these have been rounded off so they are equal to 42.