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is it cool to starve yourself to loose weight

is it cool to starve yourself to loose weight? the question i ask everyday. to me it is disgusting to think that someone would deprive their body of food just to be 2 pounds lighter or just to fit into the smallest dress size of that sexy chic juicy couture dress you say on display last month. honestly i feel that if your fat then accept it and be happy with it, dont try to damage yourself so you can think you can think you look as pretty as girls who every boy wants to be with. what we teenagers dont understand is that we dont know what the most popular girls in school have to do to become popular. we should just be happy with how we look and appreciate what blessings god has given to us (yes being fat can be a blessing). my advice to anyone who was contemplating to skip dinner this afternoon...dont...go and enjoy it even if it's not that goodLaughing


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I adhere to fasting and fasting helps me lose the weight. It takes strong will power to fast.

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If by "cool" you mean cool like everybody's doing it, then no, definitely not. In fact most people probably look down on anyone who starves themselves.

If you mean is it OK to starve yourself, then the answer is still no. Serious mental harm can come from this and it can lead to death. I realize that is somewhat of an extreme situation, but in any case where death might be an option it is always safe to steer clear of it. My personal opinion of the matter is that people who run and exercise to get fit will in the end have the better self esteem and won't have problems later in life and will better be able to maintain their newly achieved fitness.

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Starving yourself. Stupid idea.

The lack of vitamin, protein, minerals etc etc... Can decrease your health by a huge percentage.

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