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is it wrong to use the death penalty for murder?

if someone was murdered, should the murderer be killed for it?

yes, it is wrong

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no, it's ok

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Well, philosophically I'm not against executing an adult who kills someone.

But here's the problem:


I mean, executing the wrong guy just once should give us pause, but we do it all the time.

Plus executing someone actually costs more than letting them rot in prison, if that's a consideration.

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It is wrong, it is very wrong to execute another human being. It's an eye for a eye and THAT is wrong. It solves nothing other than some form of archaic retaliation fetish. It does nothing to bring your loved one back to you and it is barbaric. Life in prison should be justice served.

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I completely agree actually, it's pure revenge, there are no stats that show that capital punishment is any kind of deterent,

There's no greater social good served from execution whatsoever,

I didn't get into my actual stance on the practice.

Personally I think death would better than a life in an 8 by 8 cell.

But that's a sideline, my stance is moot because I think that if there's even the slightest possibility of an innocent person being executed, then no one should be executed.

Pretending though that we live in a world where the accused is always guilty of the crime.

My only concern would be immediate living victims.

In that case I would defer to the victims' own sense of justice. I would not presume to know what would or would not make them feel better, or what they feel would be the right course of action under those extreme conditions.

We've even seen that sometimes a victim's family does not persue death, sometimes they do.

That should be up to the individual, not the state, or me or you.

And if it happens that their particular set of beliefs justifies the death of the perpetrator, so be it.

In a world where there is no question of guilt, I do not believe those guilty on this magnitude get a defense outside of themselves.

The victim did not have a state or nation coming between them and their executors.

I also would not have the state come between the guilty and his/her executors,

it would be my stance that execution would be the responsibilty of the victims, and the only responsibility of the state is a safe and painless environment in which that execution would take place.

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I agree with david

and also

The death penalty is rather hypocritical of itself. We are telling these criminals not to kill people and their punishment is death. I don't know about you others but I don't belive that is setting a good example to the american people or other countries who look up to the US.

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Well, I'm not quite sure what you mean, but I think that the death penalty is wrong. I don't think that somebody should be killed just because of a foolish mistake that they've made in their lives. I think that if they committed a crime that some would find 'worthy' so to say, of the death penalty, I think they should be sentenced to life in prison.

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its wrong because there would be loss of jobs...

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Yes, the death penalty should be banned, I have no idea why they still invoke this penalty. You can see why the death penalty should be banned by looking at a single argument.

1. Some people think it is worse living in prison in life then dying.

2. Some people think it is worse dying then living in prison for life.

3. Therefore, dying and living in prison are probably morally equal.

4.Living in jail for life costs less money then the death penalty.

5. This money which goes to the death penalty which could be spent in prison rises the americans tax payments.

6. Whenever the death penalty is performed instead of life in prison, the American is paying more tax then he needs to.

7. The American should not have to pay more tax then he needs to because of someone else's actions.

8. Therefore, the death penalty should be banned.

A few figures to support my argument:

Using conservative rough projections, the Commission estimates the annual costs of the present (death penalty) system to be $137 million per year.

“The additional cost of confining an inmate to death row, as compared to the maximum security prisons where those sentenced to life without possibility of parole ordinarily serve their sentences, is $90,000 per year per inmate. With California’s current death row population of 670, that accounts for $63.3 million annually.”

In addition, it is evident that the death penalty does not deter murder rates. In a chard found on: have-had-consistently-lower-murder-rates#stateswithvwithout, it shows that the murder rate is higher in death penalty states in the last 15 or so years. The percent dwindles around 10%, which may seem small at first but is actually pretty large when considering all of the deaths. So death penalty somehow increases murder rates, maybe a survey will help us understand why. On, their is a survey that shows 55% of people would prefer the death penalty to life in jail. Why? because life in jail is a plainly bleak existence. So what are the reasons for the death penalty again? Oh yeah, their arent any.

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hasnt there also been cases of where someone has recieved the death penalty only for them to be found they were innocent....after it was too late......?........i dont know,im asking because im sure there was a case.........................if so i would say thats a pretty good darn reason to ban it...As far as doing the time fitting the crime,well i know murder is not black and white. It is very diverse,there are some really hard-core cases,those crims should be "fed" to the family of the victim/s.,then there are those that cases that i feel a murderer should not be jailed at all,it really is hard for me this topic, because even tho i think it should be banned, i feel that for some, they dont deserve life, just as they felt their victim didnt deserve life.Also if someone murdered my loved one i would prefer to torture the "Thing" rather than kill it....i rather make it suffer every day that i suffered for their selfish actions,i rather do that and break them down to a trembling pathetic sook , for them i dont have even the lowest of emotions -pity.

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yes i know i am evil...........its quite a protective lil shield.

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The Death Penalty is cruel and unusual punishment and it should be abolished.

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When you take out a murderer, you don't have to pay for him in jail and his job becomes available for someone on the unemployment line. This helps our economy ;)

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I do not oppose the death penalty in certain situations. For a premeditated, unrepentant murder it is, in my humble opinion, appropriate. However in the case of a murder in the heat of passion in which the guilty party admits to his (or her) guilt and is truly repentant for his (or her) act life imprisonment is the only conscionable punishment. In general the appeals process is more expensive than imprisonment, yet at the same time as our prisons become more and more crowded one has to seriously consider which is the better alternative.

In any case justice must be served, a man should not and cannot be executed without unquestionable evidence that he is indeed a danger to society. Execution is only effective as a deterrent when it is used as a battle axe rather than a scalpel. Instead we must consider the needs of the victim and the needs of society as a whole.

In the end, the death penalty is only appropriate for the most heinous of crimes and in order for justice to be served can only be applied in the presence of absolute certainty. In the end, I fear that the decision one way or another will be dictated not by a sense of justice or conscious but my economics. That is the decision whether right or wrong will be made in favor of which ever is more expedient and frugal. I would not defend the death penalty, nor would I oppose it. There are times and places when it can be an appropriate punishment but there are equally suitable alternatives.

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Eliminates the chance of them ever killing again:

percentage of dead people who still kill - 0%

Saves money (appeal cases are only around because of our sympathy for murderers. it should be decided in trial. i.e. concrete evidence and/or witnesses, you're dead). although, if the person pleads guilty, i'd give him a choice on whether he should get the death penalty or life in prison (since both kind of suck, death or eternal rape). plus, if you put together the costs of keeping someone alive, sheltered, and clothed, it surpasses the cost of an appeal case.

also, i'd feel a lot safer knowing that the dude who killed my loved one was dead and no longer able to continue his evil.

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Down vote with no rebuttal? Obviously the work of a faggot who knows I'm right.

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If a murderer deliberately takes the life of another human being, or several other human beings, he has no right to keep his own life. It is all dependent on the circumstances, of course. Self-defense, for example, would not be a basis for the death penalty. However, I believe murderers that are to be punished should receive the death penalty.

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Self-defense is not actually murder, murder is the act of killing another human being without provocation. If you are attacked and have good reason to believe that your life is in danger killing your attacker is not murder and should not be punishable.

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People who killed less than 3 times probably should live. Unless they killed children, not 1 child but children then it's a parents right to choose.

Death penalty must be private and painless. Children must never get death penalty .

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