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is ronald regan overrated

evrery republican says ronald regan is their role model and he is the best and all that but do you think so? is our fourtith president really that good he create da defcit or did he? what do you think


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republicans all they seem to do i talk about regan in evry speech they di i swear and you know why regean was the only kind of good republican president republicand need a new role model

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rating is subjective, but I think many staunch conservatives today would not agree with many of the things Reagan did.


1986 Amnesty

More than tripled the debt

debt/GDP ratio increased every year from 32.8% in 1981 to 51% in 1989

did not try to eliminate the departments of Energy and Education as he said he would

grew Social Security and Medicare

increased farm programs by more than double

more than doubled foreign aid

raised gas taxes

Funded, armed, and trained terrorists who became Al Qaeda

Negotiated with our enemies without preconditions (arms controls with the Soviets)

vastly increased number of federal workers

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I didn't know anybody rated him (except for the greedy evil dirty bastards)... especially here in England. America's different because a lot of them are retarded so I guess it's easy to make them believe shit

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Reagan's economic policies caused some people to be laid off from work. Also, President Reagan made the National Debt increase.

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The creator of this debate has no ability to speak English. His debate does not have any merit as "Ronald Regan" is not in any history book.

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