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Challenge Debate: is telling children the truth about dangerous things in the world helping them



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This debate title, is different to the original one, and in that I do agree that telling children about the dangerous things in the world does help them, but one does not need to be too specific.

A child's innocence is a precious thing, they have their entire adult lives to deal with the complications of the imperfect world we live in.

For example, there are pedophiles, but telling your child to stay away from strangers and to let them know what sort of conduct they can expect from adults will equip them with the utilities they need to know that a certain individuals behavior is not right, one does not have to disclose the whole truth about sex in order to help the child.

This goes for a lot of things that could negatively affect a child.

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siamagreen(9) Disputed
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well, the truth is if you do not warn the child the whole truth about sex, there are dangroues things that will come from it aids, and the childs wonder willl eventullay land them in a postion that they dont wanna be in .

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ricedaragh(2494) Disputed
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Exactly how old are the "children" you're talking about, my seven year old son for example does not need to know how Aids is transmitted.

There are other ways to contract Aids by the way.

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