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is this website a good way for people to get their point across


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It definitely feels fulfilling to be able to make a point and hopefully drive it home. I've been influenced by others' arguments here; hopefully someone can someday say the same for mine.

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Most definitely yes! This is THE place to get your point across and create a debate simply to do that. It doesn't get much better than that when you get to ask the question at hand and answer it in the body of the debate. Driving a point home can be a bit much when the two are going to argue it to death instead of simply respecting each others opinion and calling it a day. Communication is key here insofar as respect for others rights to register their opinions as well. No one here has the end all and be all question or answer even though we all think we do at times. That's just arrogance and it doesn't play well here. Err on the side of caution and respect and everyone will find this a delightful way to get a point across.

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For the most part, everyone sticks to their own point and fights to the effing death.

Who wants to be informed by somebody they disagree with?

Open minded people, right? How many people are that open minded? Be honest.

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It doesn't take open-minded people, it takes rational people. Let's back track... how many people are that rational? hahaha. In the sayings of Kierkegaard, he says something alone the lines that rationality isn't that important in today's world. :-)

No, but Kierkegaard was crazy, but I do find some of the things he says to have a point. I think any of us are actually willing to adjust to our viewpoints, and most of us actually do a little bit with every few (good) topics, but it takes someone that says things in a way that proves enough to us. Most people just seem to talk out of their butt and you can 'hear' all the actual ignorance and emotions, and rather the lack of substantial evidence or experience.

However, I do agree this website helps people release things that we feel the need to get out of our systems in the form of debate, since it's hard to accomplish in person. And I'm sure every single one of us gets our points OUT, but maybe not fully across... not to everyone anyway.

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frenchieak(1131) Disputed
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I don't think that first statement is true, really. Usually, when two people on this site disagree, they go back and forth with disagreeing with each other for a few replies, but if you watch the argument, somewhere hidden in the replies there will almost always be a supporting/favoring argument where the two see the point of each other's statements and realize the other person does have a point.

This doesn't always happen, but I think it shows that most people are reasonable and can understand what others have to say. So yes, this site is a good way to get a point across.

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Well, I said "for the most part", but yeah I see what you're saying.

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