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is tiger woods' golfing career over?


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It's not over, but I don't think he's ever going to be great again.

Not because he's had so many extramarital sexual encounters... but because he is a man accruing injuries that aren't healing and are affecting his game.

Also, this "indefinite" break from golf will hurt him. The last time he took a break, not too long ago, under the assumption he would come back better than ever, he didn't.

So two things: Breaks don't make his game better, and the man doesn't heal well.

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He is already losing endorsement deals left and right. Sponsors are taking a stand and making a statement that his image is not the image they want associated with their products. How many parents will continue to allow him to be a role model to their young athletic children? Not many. His peers do not want to be associated with the kind of paparazzi madness he has created for himself. His career as he (and the world) knew it, is never going to be the same.

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It is now 2015 and it was embarrassing for him in the latest golf tournament.

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No his career is not over, but his quest to beat Jack Nicholas with 18 majors may be and his quest to be number one with most total wins Career Wins on the PGA Tour is now in doubt.

Sam Snead - 82

Jack Nicklaus - 73

*Tiger Woods - 71

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I don't know what the big deal is. He's a professional golfer. He is expected to try to get in a few holes whenever he can. ;)

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No, Tiger Woods is human and IS going to make mistakes. these mistakes shouldn't end his career. when a regular blue collar worker cheats on his wife, he doesn't lose his job, so why should tiger woods!

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Of course what tiger woods did is not a moral thing or a kind of behavior a role model of so many youth athletics should do. However, isnt it a little too unfair to make his golfing career over? He knows what he has done wrong, and he is definitely reflecting on what he's done. We should give him a chance. No human is perfect.

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No, his career is not over because the PGA Tour is not and can't fire Woods for martial infidelity nor can any employer. However, the fan support and sponsor is and going to suffer the greatest.

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na it's in crisis but it will never finish he's a great person

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