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israel vs america spec. forces

of the two nations special forces whos is better ps i need proof no proof = banned


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the americans would win because they are better trained and more money is spent training them

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Hellno(17724) Disputed
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But you didn't supply any proof? Where's the proof that Navy Seals are better trained than Israeli Commandos? Are you going to ban yourself? LOL

I suspect it would come down to home turf... Seals could kick just about anyone's ass but if it were one on one in Israel, I suspect the Commandos would win. But then again, I have no proof.

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i simply mean no stupid quotes like navy seas cuz they win becasue thats just stupiud

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In a 1 v 1 situation, America wins hands down just with numbers alone. America also has well trained troops, advanced technology, nuclear weapons, and other weapons. Israel has some of those traits, but not to the same extent as the US. The U.S. also pours lots of money into defense spending in order to research and buy new equipment. I'm not saying Israel doesn't do the same, but U.S. is a bigger country with more resources to overpower Israel.

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I would say US because they are trained they know what they are doing and they also have hand to hand combat which is useful and they have good weapons.

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The U.S. because we supply Israel with weapons and because of our navy seas cuz they win ;)

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Who Knows? Why don't the U.S. go to war with Israel and find it. Just to see. That will be fun.

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no it wouldnt because lifes would be lost i simply wanted to know what you thought of the commandos and seals

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