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i`m the 1 that iz hot OK Y-E-S YES
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iz people hot

hi i`m bord how are you i`m stupid are you stupid I love barney.this iz a letter to kin,you make me happy when i`m dead with my father so can you tell mei`m going to die some day I love my grandma amd my dead geat grampa oh I love you kiney oh kineyCooland i`ll see you later!!!!.;);););)

i`m the 1 that iz hot

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I've never heard of a tribe known as 'Iz'. Where were they from?

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People are hot. Im hottttt.......

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wow, idk what you said but hope i can drink some of what your havin.....more power to yah

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I no rite. I was like whoa. Im bilingual and i still cant read it.

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I know..(lol) each their own i guess

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