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Gambling is a great business opportunity for private companies, and a great money-maker for government.

People say that gambling will bring "unsatisfactory" people to the area, and this is true in some cases. If the city, county, borough, state, whatever, is the only area within a relatively large distance, regular people will not bother to take the trip, but those who are addicted to gambling or have an addictive personality will take the trip to the nearest area to gamble. But, if gambling is legalized in more areas, there will be the same amount of "unsatisfactory" people that live there going to the casinos, not creating an influx of any one type of person.

Economically, legalizing gambling would be a hit. Gambling would not take away business from any existing company, but only draw customers to an area. Taxes from this business would bring billions of dollars to local, state, and federal governments.

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I agree with having gambling legalized across the United States with Native Americans leading the way, as they already have. There should be no question or delay while those who label gambling an addiction wish to prevent this from being legalized. Gambling is not the problem, unstable people are.

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DaWolfman(3324) Disputed
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The people with the addictions are not going to be the people who say that it needs to be stopped ... that is for sure! Drunks would definately rather there be alchohol rather than not. Gamblers would much rather be playing in a casino rather than in somebodies basement hoping the cops wont bust the door down ...

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Legalized Gambling on a Federal level could be a splendid way to decrease the National Debt.

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Legalized gambling can be a double-edged sword. On one hand, it generates revenue for governments and supports local economies. On the other, concerns about addiction and social consequences arise. Striking a balance between liberty and regulation is crucial. Speaking of regulation, I recently came across an intriguing article about the challenges posed by nonlicensed casinos in sweden. The absence of proper oversight raises issues of fair play, consumer protection, and the potential for illicit activities. It underscores the importance of robust regulatory frameworks to ensure a safe and responsible gambling environment for all.

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RobinHo(21) Disputed
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Mallens(14) Disputed
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