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"I'm a prodigee, a moron, a genius and a noob. I'm a penis, a vagina, a testicle and a boob."- Mingiwuwu
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Did I say it? Cool.

Illuminati33(68) Disputed
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You don't remember? That was your most insane bar ever. It makes Eminem look like a retarded cocker spaniel to be honest.

Mingiwuwu(1446) Clarified
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I actually think my younger self could have at some point said the first line but I am doubtful of the second line (the testicle, boob line) as I like/liked there to be depth even to my stupidity.

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Credit to me on DarC: links/31361


Too many wanna use the site only for the forums,

Too worried about toes they step on, they adore decorum, or are trollin',

I aint sayin' they're whack, I ain't one to abhor them but the problem's I'm solvin' to stay at the top's unlike anything, as a baby I skipped over the crawlin',

I dragged one leg around for months, and suddenly I stood, 18 months in brain damaged? Na, just a natural planner, Underwood,

Bruce Banner in childhood, misunderstood, who the fuck knew that I could grow so calm, yet aggressive, mess with me? I'm refined steel, you plywood,

The time I got banned, I was a whiny little boy, thought I was a man with a plan, but the ploy disappointed my allies, simply anointed my foes,

Truth is I was clueless, delusional, sinkin' burnin', but from the ash I arose.


You see, I wasn't the type to say fuck it, I lost man, I'm done,

This soldier maintained composure, 'til he could call all Generals 'son',

A bad idea to be fuckin' with, run up on me, you're done,

'Cause even if you backstab me with success, I'll suffer through anything, go through months o' no fun,

I'll wrap my hands up in bandages, do handstands with my thumbs, 'til you're a moon that's reflecting on how you're sonned by this sun,

Fuck all my haters, they're laughing, but facts don't come apart or undone,

Their opinions melt away as I raise that rating, mass-debating 'till I cum in these nuns,

It's not evil if they liked it right? Watery holes squirt so boldly, slick with the force, Obi Wan,

Slippery caverns unopened' 'til Moses here parted C's with the U-N-T closely behind, watch 'em run,

From sweat comes blood, noobs scream eulogies as I snipe 'em so young,

I'm no vampire you slay away, I'm more like a lycanthrope or a Titan you summon,

I'm that trick up you're sleeve; nuclear government-button.

You use me, I impress but once I'm done, my rays gon' fuck you up, Cullen.