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stay away from them!!! fight!!!
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my baby and me

 ok so i have a girlfriend whos 16 and im 18...we have sex and she gets pregnant. Her parents say i can never see her again or my baby when it is born or they will take me to court and put me in prison for "rape". do you believe this is wrong or they have the right to do this? and should i stay away or fight for the right to my child? ( this is a "hypothetical" question to keep me safe)

stay away from them!!!

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Fight. Your children are the only thing that matters. Being a parent rocks.

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Look up the statutory rape laws for your state:

Here in Texas you would be ok because of the three-year rule (if you're less than three years older than your partner its ok).

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thank you for the link, in my state id be looking at a year in prison and id be a registered sex offender

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A father has just as much right to his child as the mother.

16 - 18 , 17 - 19 . compared to 16 - 28 or 17 - 29.

There is a difference.


16 - 28 = Horny adult abusing naive promiscuous teen.

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fight for the child. ur gf doesn't have a problem with you being her child's husband. she allows u to herself. thats not rape. u have every right over the child. go ahead and fight dude!!!!!!!!!

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