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 people with mental disorders just thinking realistically? (9)

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people with mental disorders just thinking realistically?

I've been thinking about people who suffer from so called mental disorders, and what if, just what if, they are not what many people call "crazy" but actually sane? Studies have shown that "normal" people have unrealistic positive views of themselves more so then people with "mental disorders". I'm just saying what if that depressed person you know is depressed because their life really does just suck? Or that person with OCD who washes their hand 3 times in row is just doing what any "sane" person would do if they knew 100% what could be left behind with only washing them once?

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maybe... Perhaps too realistically for their mind to correctly apply to the everyday world.

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I have a type of autism and I strongly agree with the title of this debate. People with my "disability" think that it is neurotypicals who are crazy, with their weird ideas and how easily they succumb to social norms that are actually quite laughable when you stop to think about it. People with mental 'disorders' can see through all the crap that goes on in the world have view the world from our own eyes, having our own identity, rather than simply doing what is apparently acceptable.

So what if it's possible for an OCD person to be the one who is sane for washing his hands 3 times, we are the ones that get to make fun of him ;)

i have adhd and anoxiety and i'm very reliastic and can solve many problems like a person without mental disorders

serenalove11(15) Disputed
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but.. ADHD and anxiety are both mental disorders? I don't follow?

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First, define unto me 'normal', and then 'real'. Being a former nihilist, I know how easy it is to disprove normality. Respectively can I devalue claims of what is real because of my existentialism. Alles existiert nicht.

torso(2) Disputed
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so you stopped being a 'nihilist' after you realized that you had to kill yourself to truly be one? So ridiculous, people and their labels. You are a cartoon character that takes himself very seriously and, based on this post, talks to himself regularly. If you are a he anyway..... Just bustin your balls/vagina :D.

There is no such thing as 'normalcy'; people with mental disorders simply fall outside of a psychiatrist's version of 'normal', and thus are damned to a life of labelism and drugs...

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How would you reconcile the arguments of two people with mental disorders that have conflicting views? If one person wants to save Abraham Lincoln by eating their own skin and another clams that Lincoln never existed, how can both of those be realistic? I used to have to spend time (working) in a place that had several people with mental disorders. I see your point, but too much of it conflicts with the views of other people with mental disorders, while people who don't have these kinds of mental disorders generally agree on what reality is. Collusion? Maybe, but since we all agree, that's what reality is until we find out otherwise. And in response to someone who mentioned nihilism, nihilism can't prove or disprove anything.