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coke is better pepsi is better
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 coke is better (6)
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pepsi or coke

coke is better

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pepsi is better

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Coke. It hurts too much to snort Pepsi.... wait.... we're not talking the same thing, are we? ;)

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haha... wait, I thought you didn't take drugs...

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pepsi is worthless, you cannot mix it with any type of alcohol at all,

trust me, I've tried them all.

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Well I must say, Pepsi is good. I love that Pepsi. I dunno, coke is just too strong and it's hard to taste the more subtle ingredients.

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Pepsi rocks and for the win :D

Pepsi is definately better than coke

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I prefer Pepsi because it has a sweeter taste and sometimes Coke tastes flat to me.

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