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police are out of control in the USA

have the ones that we depend on to serve and protect gone out of control? has the American dream become a murderous scream? Ohio seems to be one place in particular that I would not want to visit. excessive force seems to be the new status quo. 

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while there are many good policeman around, the ones that are making the news are giving a good impression of what is going on around the country. being white, myself, I don't see it as much. however, talking to African Americans around me ( even some other whites) in the Tampa bay area, they see things very differently. Tampa is another example, one of many in America, where the police are known to use excessive force on a consistent basis. maybe small towns are an exception, but in big cities violent police are becoming far too common

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Video. ..

Supporting Evidence: Here watch this (
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Police in America are not out of control. Groups like Anonymous and some extremist black groups are encouraging violence, and the burning of Ferguson shows how out of control the situation can get if police do not intervene.

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They didn't become anything, we created, sustained, and evolved their reason of duty. We created them with the need to protect ourselves from ourselves. It worked at first, so we sustained the need for them. But the flaw in that method of produce security arises when you realize the nature of the concept. How do we think it's possible to deligate people to be eligible for protecting us from us. When we the public don't protect those who enforce. So they eventually evolved from protecting us, to protecting themselves from hostile people. So no, 1 they have been like this. 2. we made them become as so. 3. they have no choice in which they are protecting.

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