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potter or twilight

Which is better to watch or read i dont care wether its watch or read just give me answers people 


potter-not the person the book

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Harry Potter is so much better and Bella is a suicidal maniac. She wants to turn into a vampire and see all her friends except the cullens die as she stays the same age.

Side: potter-not the person the book
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- Well written

- An intriguing and semi-complex story with twists and turns

- Actual character development

- Appeals to a much larger audience

Side: potter-not the person the book
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harry potter is a great book and movie with the best of charcters and funny love stories. twilight is not what I'd call the best book or movie. both, book and movie are really slow. it typically drags. the wole thing is only a live story. and a very complicated one, at that. the best thing thats happened to twilight is robert pattinson.

hear too harry potter/daniel radcliffe looks way better!!!!!!!

harry potter is an adventure, twilight is a lovey-dovey story.

Side: HP everything movie and book and actors
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I've read both and will always prefer HP,twilight is just Romeo and Juliette all over again,with much more grammar and spelling mistakes.

Side: potter-not the person the book
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Harry potter all the way

It has a really good plot

ALL of the books are amazing

Vampires do not sparkle...

The acting in twilight is awful,

The acting in HP is so amazing,

They are to a larger audience,

Twlight is really overrated,

Kristen Stewart and patternson are the worst actors...

And lastly, Harry potter is very very very well written and the plot of eachbook is a whole new adventure, not just one om going story about some whiny teenager wanting to become undead

Side: potter-not the person the book
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Harry Potter forever. I read the first page of the first Twilight book and just couldn't read any more. It is so badly written I don't know how anyone can actually enjoy it?

Side: potter-not the person the book
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