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determination, perseverance talent and success
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preserverance, and determination, do they beat talent and success?

determination, perseverance

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talent and success

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Determination and perseverance.

Some are born with talent, you were born with it…

but those who are not! Those who are determined,

They commitment to meet success,

It's those who persevere through the toughest challenges just to make it to the top,

these qualities are more important,

it's not about whether or not your good at something,

it's about being able to fail and fail and get up!

To thrive.

Determination drives us to help yourself become stronger

Just because you have talent

You can't show up on the field and expect to be the star

It's something you work for its something you earn!

Talent is great but… determination has involvement, patience, wisdom, STRUGGLE

All the things talent doesn't have!

Take your talent and turn it up a notch

Persevere become more then talent!

Because without work…..talent is nothing but a skill

Some are good at a skill, but if you don't give up

Overcome the problem. You'll go nowhere.

Someone skinny exercising its easy for them to stay skinny, but someone overweight can be working so hard! Not see results its about people who even though its hard that they push to the finish, those who can say they worked for it are what success is, not talent congrats your skinny, but the person who just worked for whole year worked for it, you didn't.

Talent only gets you so far, until you need to push yourself to achieve more. Cause a artist can draw good from talent but if they go through challenges and try harder things and become and perfect there art there more likely to go farther then the artist who stopped at just being talented at drawing basic drawings.

Take your favorite music artist for example, they obviouslty have talent, but if they didnt choose to do anything with that talent and sat around all day do you think they would be where they are today?

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If Trump should make it to 2020, and wins, THAT would show perseverance (I guess that's what you mean), and determination beats talent and success. 'bout a month or two we should know.

I'm not much for prayin', but, we DO need some kind of divine intervention to keep THAT from becoming truth! Mueller …………??

Side: determination, perseverance
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