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yes, we are moving backwards i no, it is the same
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racial murders are moving the USA back towards the 1960's

in light of the recent killings in the news and the suspicious death/possible lynching of a north Carolina black teen, are we heading in reverse gear on race relations?

yes, we are moving backwards i

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no, it is the same

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yes, I believe we are. following comments on CNN, and other new sources like FOX I see a growing amount of racial hatred. blacks blaming whites, whites blaming blacks. instead of dealing with what's going on, everyone wants to blame everyone else and make excuses. football players standing up for rights. thousands marching across the country. police killing unarmed people. this has gotten way out of hand, and not much is being done. our government seems to want to throw this under the rug, and pretend like its not happening. well, it is and we have to face it before things really get out of hand.

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Yes. Whites are being killed and raped by blacks every day, and the anger on both sides of the racial divide is growing.

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Well, I don't have statistics or anything, but I think that these murders have already been happening and the news just doesn't decide to do any major broadcasting. Like, all these murders are just now happening? I don't think so.

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