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re-examining my politics

I have admitted now that I was actually a fascist technocrat thinking it was all for the greater good and lying to everyone (not unlike Stalin). I was wrong both factually and ethically in thinking this would result in anything good. The question is, what should I advocate as a socio-economic system now?

I will never be a right winger so forget about it. Social-Democracy is probably the second best option if real socialism is not but I see a similar problem with it to a lesser degree because it relies heavily on the state being benevolent.
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Kangaroo lightly crisped, minus the tail, on a plate with a nice dinner salad.

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Classical Liberalism has no way of protecting the working class and the impoverished from the rich, and although it does protect them from the state to an extent it doesn't protect the state from being controlled by a plutocracy or a kleptocracy.

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I will never be a right winger so forget about it.

Hello hater:

Libs are lefty's.. Libs are INCLUSIVE.. Libs don't HATE anybody.. You HATE everybody.. You ain't no lefty..

There's only ONE fucking party for haters like you, and it AIN'T a left wing party..

excon, Jewish liberal

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Libs are lefty's

Libs are centrists. Center-left at most. A moderate Soc-dem is the first ideology that can be considered true left. A hard core soc dem is on the middle of the left and the far left is various forms of socialism. Neo-Liberals are just a slightly more left wing version of classical liberals who are center-right.

Libs are INCLUSIVE.. Libs don't HATE anybody

If you believe that then you are an indoctrinated little fuck nugget. There is no one on this planet who literally doesn't hate anyone unless they are a monk who spends their entire life meditating and eating goji berries.

You HATE everybody

You hate plenty of people, you hate me, you hate anyone who is more right wing or left wing than you for that matter.

You ain't no lefty..

The irony is you are barely a left winger. Liberals are literally the most moderate half assed version of a left winger yet you honestly believe that you represent the left? You represent a delusional centrist butt plug.