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religion is a way to cope

Religion is a way for people who can't cope to cope with the not knowing of existence.
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pfft ...... Religion = man creating and reaching to God (deity) even self deity

Jesus ...... God reaching to man via his Son .....

all of man's sin/s will be paid for (God is Holy and Just) ..

either by self or by God (in Christ) ... the choice is yours

Jesus .. the Friend of Sinners

Amen. Jesus is the best friend to sinners. And Jesus supports anyone if you let him.

dadman(1701) Disputed
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only if you are one who "confesses" sin .... not denies sin (1 John 1) ... if you are one who clutches sin and perversion ... Jesus will be your worst nightmare ....

confess to say the same / agree with God about what God says about the sin


II Thessalonians 1

01:06 .. for after all it is only just for God to repay with affliction those who afflict you

01:07 .. and to give relief to you who are afflicted and to us as well when the Lord Jesus will be revealed from heaven with his mighty angels in flaming fire

01:08 .. dealing out retribution to those who do not know God and to those who do not obey the gospel of our Lord Jesus

01:09 .. these will pay the penalty of eternal destruction .. away from the presence of the Lord and from the glory of his power

01:10 .. when he comes to be glorified in his saints on that day .. and to be marveled at among all who have believed .. for our testimony to you was believed


Do you hate or dislike the LGBT+ community? .... the LGBT headed for Hell .... actual love for these people warns them just as I warn you

sure religion is a way to cope but that doesn't mean that God is not real. or that using religion to cope is for the weak or that its a placebo. when I was a atheist i used to believe all that. but once I found God, or really once He found me!--I found that it IS so much easier to navigate thru life here when you know God is with you. being in Gods Will and Word is like going with the grain instead of going against it. Going with the Flow. Swimming upstream instead of DOWN. breathing in The Spirit and not drowning in SIN!

a secret I know from when I was a atheist: most atheist are secretly jealous of Believers and wish they had something to Power them thru life like we have. so...that bitterness fuels a lot of their ditribes against us. usual_GOD BLESS!

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Not if you know the difference ;)

And again your an athiest but you are making threads that deal with religion. What s going on. Do you need a pep talk on what an atheist is. You're so much like saintnow you make threads about things that you dislike or deny the existence of.

Well answer this and i'll leave you alone for the rest of the week. Do you hate or dislike the LGBT+ community?

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False. it's a way to cope with the inherent evil of moral relativism. as my right and another's right are not the same. I hold true that those who are deserving of punishment will receive it in an afterlife.


I'm perfectly fine "not knowing"

Religion is used by the lazy minded who choose only to believe what there told and pick the easy route of God made all this!! its simple and convenient and it covers everything in one broad statement, where as the rest of us choose to seek the truth and not to fear death but to explain what's in front of us and what's happened before us.

If you need god to cope with life then your weak, man up and face reality!!

dadman(1701) Disputed
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your post above ....... are the letters / spaces and punctuation - are they of A or B

A = random / mindless / no sequence (just where they happened to land)

B = design / code / information / intent / writer-reader / speaker-listener / agenda driven / intelligence

minimurph83(194) Disputed
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I take it your one of those weak, lazy minded people who believe there is a god who created the world in 7 days hahahahahaha random, and let his son die on the cross hahahaha mindless, and failed to tell his disciples the world is older than 5000 years and there were dinosaurs before man hahahahaha, apologies for laughing so much its just incredible that anyone can believe such dribble! how can anyone read any religious text and find it credible on the basis of words written in an age where human intelligence was so limited, hence anyone who believes it has limited intelligence.

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Lazy minded? Some of the greatest thinkers thru history were religious. Up till the 19th century most scientists you read about in your school history books were religious. Guys like galileo and Newton. The founding fathers of America were Christian. Most off the great philoxophers were Believers in God.

And if you think it's the easy way out to belive in God and try to live in His word then you have a lot to learn about us Christians. This easiest thing in the world is to not believe in anything and criticize us. And post quotes from guys like Dawkins and Voltaire. Nothing is easier than being a nihilist. Now that's lazy!

minimurph83(194) Disputed
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Your confusing intelligence with lazy minded, intelligence is relative to your field of expertise, these great minds you have named may have been intelligent in there selective field, but were lazy minded in there beliefs, they choose the easy simple route, which was probably down to social norm of the environment they lived in.

Believing God is easy, your told god made earth, not how he done it, what formula he used, how he come up with the idea of using the moon to control the tides, or how he come up with the idea of using volcanos to create more land! or why we have seasons, or why he decided to spin the earth anti clockwise then send it round the sun, or why he used Tec tonic plates instead of one solid crust, and why he failed to tell his disciples buy the way the earth is not 5000 years old and there were dinosaurs before you, they didn't work out so I made humans, religion explains nothing!! its nothing but broad statements so what's not easy about that?

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I beg to differ. all that you've just said is false. if I was "Lazy minded" I wouldn't have doubt. which is a crucial component of faith. or I wouldn't choose to make and support a compatibility view


I believe in god but still seek the truth. those two things are not mutually exclusive.


if I'm weak for believing in god, then you're stupid for believing he's all about blanket statements and blind faith, and frankly, you believe everything you're told because not all us theists don't drink that koolaid.


have a nice day.

Thanks! I hope your evening is enjoyable Kayne

minimurph83(194) Disputed
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If you have doubt then why do yo have doubt?? and its far from a crucial component to faith so what your saying doesn't make any sense!

if you believe in god what truth are you seeking??

Blanket statements are religions saving grace, one answer can cover a broad range of issues, religion is weak in evidence and for the weak minded, if I believed everything I was told I would be a religious nut job, but I don't believe everything I'm told because I have strength of mind to question such dribble.

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Religion is many different things to many different people. A coping mechanism is one of those things but that's not automatically the one and only reason for it.

Do you think the Dalai Lama is religious "to cope"?

dadman(1701) Clarified
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Religion is many different things to many different people ... to the atheist it's the worship of the mind of man

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As a way of coping I would say yes as I believe without a mechanism for coping one would simply go crazy.

Someone posted that sometimes it's harder to be a Christian than not to be, I however say it is more times than not harder to be a Christian in a world that embraces evil. Look through history and see How Long have Christians been persecuted? Has anyone asked themselves why all this fervent hatred towards Christians? Clearly there were those who hated Jesus himself even as he pointed out you have seen the miracles I have done and yet you still want to kill me,

(New Living Translation John 10:32

Jesus said, "At my Father's direction I have done many good works. For which one are you going to stone me?")

one has to ask the question why? I believe some where it says we don't hate you for the miracles you done we hate you because you call yourself the son of God and that alone is worth crucifixion?

To be a Christian and live in a society where killings and murdering his take place time and time again, in fact it is ceaseless. Though we Christian should do what I've seen done in various courts in America I find more courageous than what's inside of me to see a Christian stand up knowing that their child, loved one was viciously, savagely attacked for no other reason then some idiot felt they could get away with it and that loved one says to that predator "I Forgive You" I know it's wrong but I have the question myself every time I hear those words, "man, I don't know if I can do that!"

If I were to speculate as to why there are those who hate Christianity it would be my assessment because people do not want to be held accountable and definitely Christianity is all about making us accountable. People want to be able to steal, lie, kill, torture, rape, hate and not be held responsible for any of it!

Religion is a way FOR THE WEAK to cope. Strong minded, self confident realists have no time for man made gods.

Saintnow(3684) Disputed
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You sound like a proud and brave fool, cheering for yourself. Wooo wooo, you go, boy!!!!

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The strongest people I know are religious and believe in God.

The weakest ones with virtually no self discipline or integrity are atheists. which category of these are you?

ask yourself that. look in the mirror. And then ask............."Am I washed in the blood of the Lamb?" what will become of my life?"

you probably won't like the answers. so thats when you hit your knees, my liberal and pseudo-intellectual CD friend.

manmade Gods are NOT worth our worship, on that you are correct. But the True Creator God IS!!

God Bless.

whats a winklepicker? why does the word remind me of a penis?

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I guess your ignorance of the term 'winklepicker' is the reason why you are reminded you of your own penis. Do you have to use a pin when extracting your ''wee willy'' from your trousers for a pee,or do you sit down to empty your bladder? A winklepicker is a shoe with a very narrow toe cap, with which you could do with a good kick up the arse.

FromWithin(8263) Disputed
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Well, I'm from Northern Ireland and therefore don't, nor indeed am able to, support any of the U.S. political parties. However, I've observed firsthand how religion has caused death and destruction on an industrial scale here for countless years. If there is a God, then he should be thanked and extolled for the British Army and the local security forces, the Royal Ulster Constabulary and the Ulster Defense Regiment, ( not to be confused with the terrorist organist organization, the Ulster Defense Association) whose presence and bravery saved many 10's of 1000's of lives and enabled the citizens of Northern Ireland to lead an almost normal life among the sectarian bombs and bullets. Religion as perceived by the mindless masses continues to cause 10's of 1000's of deaths every year throughout the globe. It's not really the teachings of the many religions which is at fault, but the fact that people who believe in some mythical deity as conjured up by, and explained by, mortal human beings with over vivid imagines are to a greater or lesser extent devoid of the ability to make logical appraisals of the world in which they live or of rational reasonings. If you're not a Muslim you're liable to be blown up or beheaded. If you're a a protestant in Northern Ireland may be knee capped by catholics. If you're a catholic you also run the risk of being knee caped, 'between the ears'. All the worldwide inhuman atrocities are in the name of religion, and all carried out by the ''faithful' mindless morons.

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Well, no shit Sherlock! I be telling you cats for months that religion and belief in sky gods and long dead Jewish carpenters who come back to life is the sole province of those who wince and even cringe or cry at the thought of navigating life on lifes terms. And knowing that we are on our own and must take care of ourselves. And that all men are NOT created equal. Or, hell, even created! But rather are just another evolved animal spinning around on one of the universe's trillions of rocks.


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this is unfair and way overly harsh. just because we're Christians doesn't mean life is all peaches and roses for us, that we get some sort of magic pass. in fact its sometimes even harder than it is for a non-believer, and for sure harder than for a iconoclast person that believes in nothing. how easy is that?