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rise in Russian provocations

Taken from a recent article in CNN, three incidents within 9 months not only could have led to war with Russia, but were listed as high risk incidents. 1 Russian submarine in Swedish waters, leading to the largest submarine hunt since the cold war ended. 2 a near collision between a Swedish airliner and a Russian military plane and 3 the abduction of an Estonian politician just days after a visit from President Obama to the NATO nation.  Any of these three incidents could have led to direct military confrontation between Russia and the West, according to a report put out by the European Leadership Network. 40 close  military encounters between Russia and the West have occurred between March and October of this year. This included a mock Russian attack on the Danish island of bornholm, as well as close passes by Russian aircraft on NATO warships. in light of what is going on in Syria and Ukraine, as well as the sanctions being thrown back and forth between Russia and the West, is this the start of a new cold war and will it further escalate?

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I disagree with the article, if it was saying we came close to war with Russia. Putin is flexing his old KGB muscles to gain advantage while we have a poor leader in the white-house. Putin knows Obama will only bluster and not act on Russia's provocations. Putin also knows that our next president may well NOT be so easily manipulated.