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be strong, dont hate, move on give up and hate yourself
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Frownmy friend just broke up with her boyfriend because he was cheating on her with another girl.  he has claimed to love her and he was going to get a tattoo for her and he also tried getting her pregant.  she believed everything he said until his MOM told her what was really going on between him and his ex. so she ended it with him even though he claimed he was sooo in love with her.  she now says she hates herself because she trusted him. i believe it was his fault and that she should try and move on and not hate herself... please leave your opioion. remember she does love him and thats why she trusted him.....even when i warned her agaistest him.......

be strong, dont hate, move on

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give up and hate yourself

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Some guys are really weak emotionally due to evolution and a lack of focus.

And unfortunately it often results in weak men who need constantly some girl serving him in order to validate himself.

These guys, I don't like, but you see them everywhere.

And the reason is modern women have made it a preferable mating partner.

A man, instead of being the things a man is supposed to be, can communicate, trick, lie, make a girl feel good in the immediate.

Problem is it's a scam but the evolution of most girls makes it so this is an attractive male.

He's a loser and a genetic dead end. Thank god she's not pregnant with his pussy offspring.

Next time ignore the fact some random guy is uncomfortable talking and shitty at texting. Chances are he won't cheat, has a bigger dick, and will actually care about her beyond his own ego.

PS, I write "how to pick up a chick" articles and ghost write for a couple "love gurus." I know exactly how these jokes work. If I wrote one for girls it would tell you how exactly to avoid the guys I help.

... and that she talked to his mom for this info should be a hint. Men's mom's don't know shit about them despite every soap opera and flirt flick. If his mom knows about his love life, he's gay, a pussy, or a scammer.

My mom isn't even sure I'm straight and I had sex in her bed with various girls from ages 14-19.

Want to find a good man? Follow the chicks that want a "bad boy"

Not necessarlily an ex-con, but they are following their labido and not what Cosmo or Oprah tell them constitues a man.

Will they be as charming with your friends, and say everything just how Oprah says they should say it... until you catch them sleeping with your sis naturally...?

Fuck no, but they will be a better partner for life.

Side: be strong, dont hate, move on
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The thing is that as a human you look for the best in people no matter what and of course your first instinct is to trust. When you are in love with someone you feel like you trust them unconditionally and sometimes it bites you in the ass.

You should tell your friend that what happened is not her fault, and she should not be hating herself over it. I am sure with time she will find someone who is going to treat her like the princess she is and not lie to her or cheat on her.

Keep your head up girl, Things happen for a reason and this was your opportunity to find the real person for you.

Side: be strong, dont hate, move on
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she needs to be strong and she wasnt wrong for trusting him.. most people would of too... she most def shouldn't hate herself though

Side: be strong, dont hate, move on
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Agreed. She shouldn't blame herself for his mistakes. That dude has a really mean heart for what he did. She needs to move on and find someone better.

Side: be strong, dont hate, move on
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